Practising Hygge

I learnt a new word today.  

Hygge. (Pronounced hooguh)

Without realising it - I've been practising the very Danish art of 'well-being'. 

I know a few of you out there do too.  
Lighting of candles, switching on fairy lights, closing curtains against the darkened skies
 and snuggling down 
with the cat/duvet/husband/knitting/crochet/fire/tea/good book (insert appropriate word).

The getting together around the table and chatting over food 
rather than dashing a meal down without barely a chew then disappearing off again.

Lighting the fire and watching the cat melt into a delicious furry Hygge lump on the floor.

Eating porridge in the morning filled with seeds and fruit - Hygge-licious.
A cosy warm bowlful.

Cooking (then the subsequent eating of) warm comfort food.
Cooking with food collected or grown ourselves.
Filling the house with the warm smells of spices,
biscuits baking.

How about you?
How do you Hygge yourself?
Go on, share, share your inner Danish self :)

Have yourselves a happy Hygge weekend xxx

What more info?? Peruse over here for another interesting angle to Hygge-life :)


  1. Hygge always seems like a great concept to me! Hope that you enjoy it. xx

  2. Far too much cake been consumed by me this past 10 days, what with it being Macmillan Cancer Care fund raising tea/cake parties (I attended 3) and the birthday of a dear friend (more birthday cakes) and then my craft group celebrated autumn with a sweet treat too ... the waistline is shouting loudly, but the joy and pleasure of tea/cake with friends in snuggly autumnal cardigans was worth it. Happy days!

  3. So you have been practicing Hygge all these years and did not know it! Those biscuits and tarts look hyggelicious - bet they are long gone! xx

  4. Interesting concept, but think the warming comfort food is over till next year for us. It was 32deg in our part of the world yesterday. Not keen on anything over 25, but can tolerate to 30, then it's just yuck. Look forward to seeing mor of that food in pictures on your blog though. Hope you are enjoying your weekend and take care.

  5. I love the Danish idea of hygge. Back in 2014 it was my word of the year, and I did quite a few posts about it. I love your hygge pictures!

  6. Hello! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog ( :) I'm loving seeing so many people understanding the way they naturally live their lives with a new hyggeligt perspective! Also loving the description of your cat as 'a delicious furry hygge lump'!

  7. Being half Danish I suppose I have been practising Hygge without knowing it! Just simple things contribute to my well-being, eg I look forward to breakfast and then later my morning coffee; much later, going to bed with a book.


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