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Super Quick and Easy Birds and chrimbly counting 10

Walking through a community run woodland we noticed evidence of their love and attention. Lots of bat and bird boxes as well as discreet bins and seating and even a lovely little wooden shelter with information posters and reclaimed church pews allowing you to hide from the inclement weather in warmth and safety.  All the boxes were numbered, not scrawled on by hand but with little metal tags all carefully placed - the community must really cherish their little wild space, it was was lovely being allowed to wander through.

Quick and easy paper birds

A very simple craft today - easy for all ages although if the crafty person is a young one, you might need to give a hand with using the scissors and tapestry needle - you will know their abilities :)

You will need:
Card in a number of colours
Pens, pencils, paints, crayons, glitter to decorate your birds
Scissors - plain and/or crafting
Embroidery thread
Tapestry needle
Chunky beads
Glue stick
Compass or lids to draw around

1. Select your card - decide which colour you want as the main part of the body and the wings.
2. Draw around your lids - the large for the body and the smaller to make the wings. Cut them out.
3. Once all your circles have been cut out, fold each on in half making a nice firm crease.
4. Now comes the fun! Decorate your birds - just remember not to completely decorate the body (large circle) as you will cover all your work when you add the wings.
5. When all your decorating has dried, glue the wings to the body - lining up the crease marks, then carefully place a weight (I used my painted fox stone) on the folded discs until the glue was dry.
6. Once your birds have dried, fold the embroidery thread in half and measure against the folded discs, you need enough length to make the 'legs' and the hanging loop. 
7. Tie a knot at the bottom end for the bead to rest on, leaving a little bit of thread as 'feet'.
8. Tie a second knot halfway up for the body of the bird to rest on and using your tapestry needle, push the remaining thread through to make the loop.
9. When piercing the card discs with the needle, if your crafty person has little fingers, please help them here. Make sure the hole is central to the disc to ensure the birds fly nicely in your tree :)
10. Using the scraps of card left from cutting the discs, you need to cut a long triangle for the tail and a shorter wider one for the beak. Fold these triangles in half and glue one at either end of your bird.
11. Then, step back and let your little crafty person (or you if you are like me!!) hang the birds up in your tree :)

These little birds can be as simple as I have made them, or really sparkly and glittery - either way - have super fun making them !!

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
please could you be so kind to link back to my blog
I would love to see how your little birds flew in your tree :)

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Mini wreath card holders and chrimbly counting 9

You just can not miss this set of steading signs :) You see these dotted all over the islands of Scotland, often with no houses in sight. I often wondered how far down the stony track you would have to venture to find who these signs belonged too.

Mini wreath place cards holders

You will need:
Ivy - approximately 30 - 40 cm lengths - 2 - 3 per place setting
Paper, pens or computer 
An impending festive dinner for your favourite friends

1. Select your ivy - preferably small leafed varieties.
2. If the leaves are spaced far apart, clip two strands per wreath.

3. Gently twist your two ivy strands to form a thicker and more leafy line.
4. Remove any damaged leaves if you feel they spoil the appearance.

5. Twist your strand into a circle, wrapping any long leaves into the wreath.
6. Keep twisting and tucking in the ends until you are happy with the shape.

7. Continue making until you have sufficient mini wreaths for your dinner table.
8. Trim off any thicker stalks or strands that refuse to stay tucked into the wreath. 
9. In your 'bestest' hand writing (or cheat like me and print) a list of your guests' names.
10. Cut out ready for the next step.
Now the fun begins - your mini wreaths can be used in many different ways on your table setting.

11. Round the base of a glass 
12. Part of your cutlery setting or a simple wreath holding your guest's name card. 

Ta da! 
This should take you less than an hour to make, unless you get distracted by something boiling over in the kitchen! 

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
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I would love to see how you made your mini wreath place card holders :)

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Festive Jar of Fudge and chrimbly counting 8

I just love it when a house number is given the personal look and this one really appealed to me. Every time I see it, it makes me smile.

Festive jar filled with Extremely Yummy Fudge Squares **

You will need:
Yummy yummy yummy fudge recipe - HERE (I am not affiliated in anyway with the source however the recipe is fairly fail safe and rather delish)
Suitable container
Festive trimmings, tags, ribbons
Either a mixer or a teenager with strong arms (for the mixing the fudge stage)

1. Premake your fudge - not too long in advance as you might be lured into sampling and double checking your bake, then end up having to make another batch (I may or may not be speaking from experience ... erhem)
2. Once cool and still having sufficient quantity (see note above) cut into nice bite size squares. Any edges or corners that are a little too crumpled or less than perfect - save those as 'cooks perks'...

3. Layer up the now fully cooled, and surviving, pieces of fudge in your jar.
4. Decorate, write on and attach your tag - and no, not putting your own name on it is allowed ...!

Ta-da - another gift sorted. This took me an afternoon to do - the longest time being allocated to the fudge cooling. 

**I may have alluded to once or twice the sinful deliciousness of said fudge - this recipe should come with a health warning attached! It is, however, a simple and easy recipe and always well received.

If you have been inspired by my tutorial, 
please could you be so kind to link back to my blog
I would love to see your fudge squares in a jar :)

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Pine cones with a pop of colour and chrimbly counting 7

It had been a cool dark day and we'd driven across the island down to the far end. Even a flat waterlogged slip of sand in the sea lost many men and boys during the wars and on a rare slope of land a proud and lonely cenotaph stood tall, facing the empty lands where once the men would have worked the fields. The silence was overwhelming. We sat briefly and felt the chill. At the base, tucked behind wire netting so they would not blow away, a row of poppy wreathes.

Pine cones of colour

You will need:
A selection of cones
Yarns, threads, wools - any colour, plain or sparkly 
Suitable bowl
Optional - additional plain cones and/or decorations

1. Choose cones that have nice open scales, it makes it easier to wind the yarn around the spaces.
2. Start at the top, loosely wrap your yarn between the scales as you wind the cone in your fingers tucking in the beginning the yarn as you work your way down.
3. Keep wrapping, make sure you don't pull tight - this means you would need far more yarn to fill the spaces between the scales and the softer finish make the cone look more cosy and warm :) 
4. When you are satisfied with the depth of yarn wrapping around your cone - look at it from all angles, cut your yarn.
5. Tuck your cut end into the tighter scales at the base of the cone. This means you don't need to use any glue.

 6. Arrange your cones in your chosen bowl and place in a suitably obvious place to make sure every one sees your very simple and clever decorations (with the added advantage of using up old scraps of yarn !)
If you have been inspired by my tutorial,
could you be so kind to link back to my blog,
I would love to see how your pine cones of woolly goodness turned out :)

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Origami stars and chrimbly counting 6

Day 6 and it continues...! Our summer holidays were delightfully filled with gentle skies and vast seas as we camped on the small and sandy island of Uist. The lane near our campsite had this sign struggling to keep its head up above the sea of grasses and wild flowers that joyfully filled the field and tumbled down on to the lane edge. 

Origami stars 

(Be warned - it is a long post and an incurably addictive craft!)

You will need:
ready access to tea/coffee 
A podcast or radio
Scrap practise paper
Finished item paper (I used sheets from a book that had been destined for the paper skip)
Hole punch
String or threads
Time (I may have mentioned this already)

Part 1 - Creating your pentagon

Either follow these instructions or follow this link which takes you to a template, which you can then print and cut as you need :)
1. Firstly, using your practise paper, ensure you have a square piece to start with. To achieve this, fold one of the corners up to meet the opposite edge, forming a triangle. Cut off the excess paper alongside the triangle, unfold your triangle to reveal a square.
2. Fold your square, in half, from the bottom upwards to the top.
3. Fold the top left corner down to the bottom, unfold.
4. Fold the bottom left corner up to the top, unfold.

5. This folding provides a central 'point'.
6. Take the bottom RIGHT corner towards this point and fold over.

7. Still with the same piece of folded paper, refold, backwards, the top layer of paper in half, see photograph on the left
8. Take the BOTTOM LEFT corner and fold upwards toward top right, against the newly created edge. See the photograph on the right.

9. Flip the paper over. You are now working on the 'back'.
10. Fold in half where I have marked the dark line
11. Following the edge of the top layer of paper (see central photograph) cut off the excess of paper

 Ta-da!you now have a pentagon. Well done you!  Now, let's get on with ....

Part 2 - Making stars!

1. Place your pentagon nice side down.
2. Refold and open each creased line - use the back of your teaspoon to press down (did you wonder why this was on the list?) helps make a nice tight fold. 

3.Fold the straight edges upwards to the folds you have just made, use the teaspoon here again, you will need nice crisp folds. Unfold again. Turn the pentagon and repeat this folding five times. 

Your paper will then have new creases as per the photograph below.
4. The next step is a little fiddly (even for an octopus). You need to fold in the left edge along one of the new creases. Then, fold up the bottom edge while you pull the corner of your pentagon to the left. (See photo) Press this new fold flat.

5. Unfold. Turn one fifth so you now have a new base, repeat the above step until you have gone completely round your pentagon. Your pentagon will now have additional creases - see below photograph...
 6. With your pentagon open and flat, pinch all 5 corners as you push them towards the centre. They will, with a bit of 'help', start to twist gently to a star shape.
7. Lie your star down and tighten the folds with the back of your spoon.
8.Flip the star over - notice the mini pentagon? 
9. Fold the top point of the mini pentagon to the central point (see picture above), press down firmly
10. Turn your star and repeat action, do this five times in total.
It is at this point (or 5 points!) you realise 
You have Only Gone And Made a STAR!!!

You are AmAzInG!!!

Think I need a little lie down in a dark corner ... how about you??

If you have been inspired by my tutorial,
could you be so kind to link back to my blog,
I would love to see how your Origami Stars turned out,
or did you too need a little time to recover :)

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