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Oh what a beautiful day #30DaysWild day 26

One of life's pleasures is visiting our 'local' Coronation Meadow - 
We try to go during June - July when the summer wild flowers are out.
Last year we went a bit later in the season when the taller flowers dominated,
this time there was a delightful display of smaller vibrantly coloured flowers.
I, like I did last time,
dawdled, photographed, 
stared and smiled (a lot)
at all the flowers.
When the fields are taken in a visual sweep -
they appear like a dimpled textured tapestry swaying in the breeze.
But, when I sat, eye height with the flowers,
I was the richer for seeing.
Bright spots of colour, clustered in swathes.
Insects were spoiled for choice.
Yarrow and meadow crane's bill swayed alongside greater burnett and knapweed.
Hawksweed, red clover, campion and yellow rattle,
buttercup, lady's mantle and field parsley
all grow in the wonderfully unimproved meadows. 
We lingered and wandered,
we photographed and watched,
we walked and we left happy.
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#30DaysWild - oh what a beautiful day


Bleary eyed at dawn #30DaysWild day 25

Although, this year, our longest day here in the northern hemisphere was sublime,
with it being during the week we couldn't really do anything spectacular,  
so we watched the sun go down on solstice eve, 
I awoke early and acknowledged the day 
(and fell back to sleep almost immediately) 
and later, at a less extreme time 
I took time to appreciate the light and the significance of the day.
So, these pictures are from a couple of years ago,
when the stars aligned,
the weekend was right, 
the boys were home,
we wild camped.
On solstice eve.
And it was magical.
It can still make me cry at the beauty of it all. 

While Solstice eve's sunset was dramatic and fiery ....
next day's dawn was soft shades of blue and silver.
The valley filled with mist, the cotton grass twinkled with dew,
sheep occasionally baa-ed in the distance.
The earth was gently stirring,
she was still sleepy,
as were we, 
however the scent of the coffee soon had us awake.
We have wild camped since and will again,
however, this one,
this place,
this particular day - is forever engraved on my heart.
#30DaysWild - a whole lot of magic


All that glitters.... #30DaysWild day 24

Walking through an overgrown sunken lane on a hot summer's day,
there was just the occasional flash of the sky
between the low hanging hedgerow trees.

The heat of the sun filtered,
making the lane a cool green sanctuary.

We were not the only ones sheltering from the glare.
 A female Broad-Bodied Chaser Dragonfly was quietly resting in the damp grass.
 Her extraordinary black gold livery with shiny chocolate brown eyes 
made her glow against the shades of green and shadow of the lane.
She was staggeringly beautiful.

Stu Harley Jul 2013
transparent wings of
copper dragonfly
another mirror 
through the sky
copper mine

#30DaysWild - what beauty have you seen today?


Getting up to 'antics' #30DaysWild, day 23

On Wednesday, when it alternated between furnace hot then heavy thunderstorms, 
I managed to get a few hours up at the walled garden 
where I have the happy pleasure of volunteering at.

I was weeding, where the weeds were rather enthusiastically 
managed to organise a 'flash-mob' swamping the juvenile vegetables. 
I was busily hoe-ing as I created a mini dust storm at my feet 
when suddenly I exposed these little busy fellows.....
I felt bad that I'd disturbed them and then when I noticed this activity going on....
Which, lets be honest, made me feel even more of a monster!

The worker ants quickly bundled up the cocoons and larvae and 
marched away with their precious juveniles.

So, as a way of an apology, 
I sprinkled some of my bread crumbs
and carefully watered near by so the ants could have a lunch break during maneuvers,
which they did!

By the time I'd finished working,
the ants and their precious cargo had all disappeared.

#30DaysWild - have you got up to any 'antics' recently?


At the end of the day #30DaysWild day 22

Before I wax lyrically on celebrating dusk
I want to thank everyone who has taken the time read,
to comment and to join in with my marathon random acts of wildness.
Thank you :)

The evening light was amazing, after the heat of the day,
as the sun went down,
the air temperature was cooler.
Not a lot,
but cooler.
The earlier heat had been filled with vibrant excitable buzzing from insects
but now the buzz was more subtle,
more restrained.
The light gently oozed through the petals,
illuminating them like stained glass.
In this gentle light, 
cobwebs glowed almost like dusty fairy lights.
Actually, I wonder if that is what they really are....
Silhouettes of leaves, 
petal shadows,
delicate hairs glistening

Not a breath of air,
almost muggy
Birds sang songs like molten liquid
Flies languidly caught the last of the rays

 We were out for a long time,
listening to the village quietening down,
listening to the garden relaxing 
after the day's heat.

There is so much to gain 
from a small oasis
of your own
where you can breathe the air
feel the grass beneath your feet
and smell the scent of your garden.

I am so lucky.

#30DaysWild - have you listened to your garden today/


Watching the sky turn dark #30daywild day 21

We sat, quietly, listening to the last of the bird evensong.

Watched as the last birds flew home,
listened to them settling down to roost.

There is a certain special moment,
between day and night.

When the earth holds her breath,
then quietly, 
releases it.

You have to be silent,
 be still,
be patient
and when, and only then,
you have mastered 
listening to that moment...

You hear that breath.

#30dayswild - what makes your heart soar? 


Dipping my toe into wild water #30dayswild day 20

There is nothing quite as delicious 
(or refreshingly bone achingly cold) 
as bare feet in a moorland stream!

We were not the only ones to dip our toes 
- a pied wagtail watched us as we watched it.
Moss enjoyed the wild water too
 - only - 
she is far more enthusiastic than I am when it comes to cold water!

#30dayswild - how cold do your toes go ?