Just about bordering on odd, I see things through different eyes.The heading says it all - I live, I love, I craft, I am me...


Born under warmer southern skies, I now live beneath a smaller cooler one in the north of Britain. I am strangely happy and quite happily strange. I see things through different eyes.

I live in a close knit pack of four **, myself, my man and our boys (growing into young men) and my blog is my way of sharing snippets of our life, of keeping a record, of communicating to the wider world and I love it.

I can often be found not far from some sort of fibre - wool, yarn, alpaca and hiding behind the lens is my preferred habitat.

So, welcome to my world, fancy coming along for the ride? :)

Photos and words belong to me, copying is illegal and downright rude but if you ask me nicely I might change my mind!

** Recently our pack has increased by one furry nutcase - Miss Moss a rescue Border Collie who has really added to our lives :)


  1. It occurs to me that perhaps your "Me" page is due a small edit as you now lead a close knit pack of five . . .

    {{ducking and running away . . . and giggling! }}

    1. Well spotted fellow dog fan! - I have added Moss to our pack numbers :)

  2. Hi! Can I follow you by email? I want to be sure to get your post for the end of November scavenger hunt.

    1. You can! Just below the 'about me' on the top right is a link where you can add your email address x


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