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Gently starts the autumn

Soft summer evenings have slipped into crisper sharper evenings.
Glimpses of woodland creatures delight.
Mist lingers over the rivers and reservoirs - giving an air of mystery and seasonal decay.
Fruits ripen and hedgerows lose their bright summery foliage for a more weathered tweed shaded hues.
'Thistle-faeries' (aka sugar stealers) float on warm air.
Fields take on crisp card brown colours as crops dry and wait for harvesting.
Leaves have started to fall and ever increasing piles of them collect in corners.
Rose hips swell and redden, haw buds ripen and turn crimson.
Seed heads rattle in the light breeze.
Woodlands take on a different scent - one of damp and gentle decay.
Mushrooms quietly multiply in the fields.
Wood smoke lightly lingers on the evening air as a few tentative woodburners are lit in the village.
Hills start to glow under a purple haze of heathers.
 Rowan trees bend under the weight of their berries.

Autumn has a gentle charm - a precursor to winter's keen-edged frame.

Autumn - what are your thoughts?
Love or hate it - it has a distinctive feel about it in the air - can you feel it?
A turning of the seasons, the completion of a cycle - ready for the next one.
Go on, share your thoughts xx

Love hawthorn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Love it! Autumn shakes me awake after the lazy heat of the summer xxx

  2. So sad we are waving goodbye to summer so soon, it seemed to be with us such a short time.
    I like the changes that come with autumn, but I just wish that I could hold on to summer for a little longer.

  3. Rowan trees...my favourite!
    How lovely you describe it and the photos enhance your words!


    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. I'm not ready for autumn yet!!!! Only been retired 6 months and I've so much more work in the garden to do before I have to stay indoors. I have to admit to appreciating that the blackberries are starting to ripen (will make blackberry jelly for my Beloved) and we have started to pick them. So perhaps I can accept the start of autumn. As usual your photos and pictures are so expressive.

  5. Beautiful pic and accompanying words Hawthorn, thank you, I so enjoyed this ramble through your Autumn beginnings! Spring begins for us tomorrow and I can feel and see new life already after mother nature's long rest!
    Joy x

  6. I can never get enough of autumn, even when it's wet and grey and muddy. So much abundance, so much promise. Bring it on say I!

    Such a beautiful, lyrical post, thank you!

  7. I love autumn....brings to mind my mother’s quote of ‘seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness and then I realised I had never actually read John Keats poem 'To Autumn' so I looked it up. Thank you for that. She knew it well so must have studied at school. (I actually tried to put in a hyperlink to the poem for those like me who may not know it or have forgotten how beautiful it is, but can't do it on here)

  8. Those colors and textures are so beautiful. And Autumn time is fast approaching once again. Autumn trees and colors are one of my favorite things. Autumn I love, not so much what comes after that though...


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