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I remember when....

I  was 16.
It doesn't feel that long ago.
I remember a slim waist, swimming in tepid pool water, flirting and having fun.
I can still feel the sun shining down on my skin and having out breaks of freckles...lots and lots of freckles.


I remember too - 16 years ago.
That, strangely seems a life time away, further away than when I was 16.

I remember dragging a very hot, tight and stressed body (mine) around an ovenlike, dry and dusty park in a Johannesburg suburb. Willing my 2 week delayed baby to think about moving.

I remember the heat.  I remember seeing wild rabbits grazing the brown stubby grass under a rusty steam train - it had been painted a shiny black.

I remember the sweat on my back and my fringe plastered on my face. And I remember feeling very very uncomfortable.

Now - that stubbornly unwilling-to-be-born baby is now a wonderful 16 year old.

Happy Birthday Beautiful.

16 chocolate buns, each with chocolate stars and a candle 
- each one for each year of his life. 
Just before lighting the many candles 
(Himself kept singeing his wrist as he lit them)
Note to self (well - himself - start lighting the candles from the TOP)
16 candles and a set of '16' candles - an awful lot of teenage puff was needed!


  1. What a beautiful way to commemorate your sixteen-year-old's birthday, Hawthorn, a lovely post - Happy Birthday to him and congrats to you and his Dad, and what a great age to be with all before him - a very happy successful future to him! Joy xo

  2. A lovely way to celebrate your son's birthday and such a great idea of 16 cakes and candles.
    I have spent the last few days recounting when I was pregnant with my son. Now that also feel like 16 years ago but in real time it was actually 30. Where does that time go?

  3. I can just about remember being 16!!! Love the choccy buns, bet there are none left! Great photos as usual.

  4. happy birthday eldest. If Hubby had given me a candle for each year of my life there'd be more candle than cake!

  5. I remember your 16th too. A disco in the Depot Mess I seem to remember. I made you a cake decorated with frangipani flowers. The Abba tune DISCO always takes me back to then!!


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