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One day like this.

It has amazed me how sublime this autumn is becoming. Today - over half way through September, we basked on a hillside and I could feel the sun's warmth on my face. It was almost a bit too warm and that is saying something coming from me!

Another thing I have noticed at the moment my life has a gentle rhythm to it. Working and walking, knitting and reading. Oh there are moments of madness where I am so rushed off my feet that I feel I can not even breathe, then there are others, when I can watch clouds move, drink tea, knit, think, dream.

Weekends also have a pattern forming. Saturdays have become days of catch up, house work and homework and then there are Sundays. Oh Sundays, Sundays. Quiet lazy starts, snuggled up in a warm bed sipping coffee as I stare out of the window. Bumbling downstairs and eating a slow breakfast. Then a walk.

Today's walk was as cathartic as it was delicious. I found myself smiling most of the way.

Along the way we had spectacular views, both huge and microscopic. When we sat and ate our lunch we were bombarded by bumblebees - Himself fished one out of his tea, it fluffed up its bumble-fluff and dried out its wings then groggily flew away. We kept having to lift the bumbles out of our sandwiches, out of our hair and off our arms. They made us laugh as their legs tickled our skin. I wish I'd taken a photo.

We walked through a small plateau filled with mounds of heather where red grouse would burst from the foliage and chatter loudly as they flew down to the valley bottom. At the end of the plateau we found a small but perfectly formed bothy. Inside was a fire grate with newspaper and matches to light a much needed fire if the weather turned inclement. There were seats and benches for weary and wet walkers to use and inside it was warm and dry. Oh the delight! 

We followed an ancient track down the side of the hill into the village of Hawkswick which wended through both old and new woodlands. Once in the valley we sat riverside and sipped tea and ate homemade shortbread and of course, I had my knitting. 

What a day. 

Like Elbow said - one day like this a year........ would see me fine :) 


  1. I too was musing today how good this September has been. Must be at least 20 years since the last similar one, unless I blinked and missed it. Seems you have been on another delightful walk, thanks for inviting me along.

  2. I too enjoyed sharing your walk (but had to imagine the shortbread). How lovely to find that bothy, all ready for cold, damp walkers. Loved the fireplace and what lovely views. xx

  3. How wonderful to have such a beautiful, relaxed day. The scenery is so gorgeous. I love the dog. I have a Husky also but he is getting old and doesn't move as well as he use to. I love the fall. Hugs.

  4. I felt I was walking with you this morning reading this, so beautifully written.
    I think we're all finding this weather a little strange, welcome, but strange. The suns is still so warm and we too have many bees bumbling about. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. What a beautiful place to go for a walk, and I love the idea of a bothy, so very friendly and welcoming, yet also a bit mysterious. Looks like you had wonderful weather. I'm missing a lot of it at the moment, indoors at work, but am hoping it might last till the weekend. Your knitting looks good too - a lovely colour :) x

  6. I left a comment, but I'm not sure where it's gone - oh well, the wonders of technology :) This is a lovely post, full of beautiful pictures and sunshine. I love the bothy: welcoming and yet mysterious at the same time. And your knitting looks great, such a lovely coloured yarn. Hope you have many more lovely Sundays like this one x

  7. It looks like a perfect day ... and I totally agree that the song (one of my favourites) says it all.


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