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Pieces of ten, Pieces of ten ooh argh!

I need the number 10 most desperately for today
So a-treasure hunting I must do without delay....
The map is in my head so off I go
I have the place* in mind that I know.....
Polly the parrot a fine crochet bird
Instructs me  to 'take some treasure' so I concurred..
Inside the casket, beneath the pearls
I delve in my hand and give it a swirl..
Oh look - good grief! I happily shout
There's the fellow - in which I am in no doubt!
A chocolate coin all wrapped in blue
Is just right and will perfectly do
For my number ten that I needed
and now I have most happily succeeded!
On my way back to work, I stop and look
to see graffiti art from a crochet hook.
This in itself has made me smile
so today's little jolly out has been very worthwhile!

Sorry about that, not sure what came over me!! I just had to do it..... I  loved your comments about your festive memories, they are precious and I am sure help form your life and create your own little festive rituals and habits :)

Another Ta-Da! tomorrow - this one took a little longer :)

*The little art installation is in an old telephone box - it regularly changes and I try and visit often. Today was a perfect chance as I really did not have the number 10 and the chocolate money just filled the bill :)


  1. What a great find! Love the idea of the old telephone box being put to good use. Story told in a rhyming style too! I'd nearly read it all before I realised it rhymed.... I'd be tempeted to take some of my unwanted treasures and put them in the box!

  2. Loved that Hawthorn and I love playing with words too, but not sure whether I'd post them. Maybe I could? Did you eat the choccy coin? Can't wait for eleven. Take care.

  3. Love your rhyming style this year.The crochet parrot is a fine specimen of a bird!.

  4. What a fantastic use for the phone box!! The parrot is great isn't it! xx

  5. Oh I love the crocheted parrot!x


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