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Wild and Wet and Windy in Wales!

You know when you get that 'itch' ... the type that really needs to be sorted. That kind of 'itch' that can only be mended by a dose of sea air, salty blue skies and endless horizons. Do you know what I mean?

Well, not only did we have a severe case of the wanties for the sea air but we managed to give ourselves a decent dose in a day-out jolly.

We went to the Llŷn Peninsula in Wales for the day and despite the rather brusque weather - it was great!

We woke early and bundled two sleepy teenagers into the car - they almost instantly fell back to sleep, tousled heads buried into their pillows. Himself drove and I happily tackled my knitting.  It is not complicated but I seemed to have lost momentum and decided to make good the journey time to to get some dedicated knitting done.
The weather reports had cheerfully promised dire conditions but we'd decided that if we waited for a nice day - we could wait and wait and wait and miss our micro-adventure. So, with the rain on the windscreen, the boys asleep, knitting under way - we arrived, three hours later at Porth Colmon.
I sat in the car - staring at the purple-grey sea, frothing and expansive - as I tied on my boots. A quick jump out of AND STRAIGHT BACK IN to the car confirmed the need for several more layers on. A second attempt, wrapped up and waterproofed, proved more successful.  The wind was rather 'fresh' and very cutting - burning our cheeks and making my eyes water - but it was salty and it was bracing and it was wonderful.

We followed the edge of the coast line down onto the windblown sands were we crossed the small bay and back up on to the coast line. In places the pathway was treacherously muddy and one path we had to give up on as it had been closed due to collapse into the sea.
We returned back feeling completely battered by the air, refreshed and invigorated - ready to eat our lunch. We had a 'carnic' watching the sea chop and churn against the black rocks, as we gently steamed up  the windows while we warmed our hands around mugs of tea and filled our bellies with homemade homity pies.
We drove on to another bay - the Whistling Sands. Once parked, we walked up Mynydd Carreg - a small hill above the sands which gave us the most amazing views.  The wind by now had picked up and was colder and sharper than before. The skies heavy and the occasional spatter of icy rain drops kept us watching the skies.
 We sheltered against the stone wall at the summit which gave us some relief from the buffeting wind.
From here we could see down to the bay where the sands were. Our walk took us down through the fields to the coastal path and followed it until the bay,
Along the way we stumbled through an old jasper quarry (opened in 1094) where we found nuggets of rough jasper. Continuing along the path we were halted by a rather large and warty toad - well we think it was a toad as it walked rather than hopped and it's skin was roughened and dry. It gave us a stern look from it's golden eyes before it trundled off into the grass.
As pleased as we were with our jasper and as tickled we were by the toad - we were delighted by the sight of dolphins - a large pod, we guestimated about 25ish - moving through the rough sea. We threw ourselves onto the grass cliff edge trying to shelter from the winds as we took pictures. Not an easy task - but we saw them and we may have squealed a little (ok, ok it might have been just me who squealed!) 
Eventually the clusters of dolphins went out of sight and we just had to move to keep warm.

Our path finally took us to the edge of the bay, leading us through a small twisted woodland, giving us a wonderful respite from the cold wind. 
At end of the footpath, two small wooden buildings appeared. As we approached they proved to be loo blocks! What a welcome sight! That, here, on a 'wild-and-wet-and-windy-in-Wales' day, the two little wooden buildings not only had working and clean toilets but loads of loo roll, fresh hot and cold water and a jar filled with flowers - love it!
After making use of the most unexpected but rather delightful facilities we continued our walk down to the Whistling Sands. There were a few other hardy souls enjoying the bracing sea air including a dad and small daughter who ran around joyfully. We were amused by the 'creatures' on the beach - evidence of a warmer day's play.

We walked across the length of the bay and briefly up on to the dunes on the other side. It was cold! Time to return to the car - we still have to drive home and the weather was deteriorating rapidly. 
A return journey across the sands, back up on to the farm land and through the fields to the parked car. Once there, off came the boots and down came the rain - we'd only just made it in time!

Himself drove us to a scenic spot where we finished off our picnic and drained the flask while we watched the sea through windscreen wipers - I'd got my breath of sea air, the boys had got their walk and we'd seen dolphins ... what more could we want? (apart for slightly better weather?)


  1. Beautiful!!! I can only imagine how cold, wet and windy it must have been. It does however looks magnificent in the photos. The dolphins looks magical! Oh toads are not one of my favorite creatures however there are worse out there. It was a bit cold and windy here as well. We could see some snow falling that melted as soon as it hit the ground. Thank you for sharing the beauty of nature around you!

  2. what a wonderful wild adventures you had! Dolphins. I am filled with envy........

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Best of all, I get to enjoy your walk and views whilst sitting in a warm house, with a mug of coffee to hand! The loo huts were amazing.

  4. Wow, what an outstanding day, I am deeply impressed how much you crammed into one outing :-}

    I know what you mean about "the itch" . . . I hope I don't jinx things. by saying this outloud but Management is at home tomorrow and can "Daisy sit" and I have a plan involving a rucksack and some uphill trudging, wish me luck!

  5. Well maybe a hot bath, in response to your last sentence! x

  6. I bet the tea and homity pies tasted so much better for your walk in the wild weather. How fantastic to see the dolphins. X

  7. Loving this day out, looks my kind of place. Will try and join in with photo scavenger hunt but will depend if I get much time. xx

  8. What an excellent day out! I am so, so envious that you saw dolphins. I love the little sand creature - I may have to make one next time I am on the beach! And what a bonus to have found decent toilets - it's esy for the boys, they can always pop behind a tree, but we girls need our comfort!

  9. What a perfect day out! Dolphins?! Jasper!? I'm green!!
    We visited Port Eynon last year, spur of the moment. It's a beautiful part of South Wales, we don't go there nearly enough but now you've inspired me :) xx

  10. How amazing to see the dolphins!! Wonderful photos of them. It looks like an incredibly cold day though, but a very beautiful place! xx

  11. The dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, what a sighting!!!
    I also love the sand art. That looks an amazing beach to visit!

  12. What a great day out! It must've been a very bracing seaside visit. Wonderful to have seen dolphins and I'm curious to know if the sands made a whistling sound? I remember seeing the beach on 'Coast', and hearing that the sand squeaks underfoot.
    Cathy x

  13. How exciting to see the Dolphins. Fabulous loo, lovely touch with the flowers in there.

  14. What a wonderful adventure and to have such an amazing sight of those dolphins, lucky you!

  15. How wonderful! Dolphins!!! I love to watch them play. I am not so much a sea person as the sand sticks to everything, but I love to watch the waves and look for anything that will interest me. And having the unexpected loos! Just the right thing.

  16. A lovely day out at the seaside which is just what I need so often. I've had my fill today and will hopefully post when we get home after Thursday. I've already got some photos for the hunt. Take care.


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