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Gift Tags and Chrimbly Counting - 2

Taken last February, a sign post from one of our local walks. A quick snap before walking on, it was too cold to linger.

Quick and easy (and free!) gift tags

You will need:
Used cards from last year
Scissors - plain/pinking/craft
Ribbon - used and saved from last year's parcels
Hole punch
Mug of tea and something good to listen to - radio/audio book/your fav festive CD

1. Select the cards you want to cut up.
2. Check that they have not been written on the back of the picture side.
3.Not all cards are easy to cut in to reusable tag shapes however the majority are. Some cards even yield more than one gift tag - yay!

4. The easiest are the ones with 'straight lines' already incorporated in the pictures or have an obvious place to cut - I refer to the card with the three rows of bobble hats - that one would make three lovely tags:)
5. Images that have 'organic' edges, cut either by following the border you have selected closely,  as I have done with the stockings, or as with the oval shaped card - just trim with the pinking shears to include the main image of the original card discarding the rest.
6. A selection of scissors with decorative edges help make your tag more interesting.
7. Punch holes in the corner of your now cut cards.
8. Thread ribbon through the holes.

Ta - da! Free gift tags!
What a lovely, happy way to spend a cold afternoon, crafting and creating and listening to something good :)

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I would love to see your pile of happy festive gift cards :)

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  1. I've been using old Christmas cards for years as gift tags...glad to see another kindred spirit in recycling!!

  2. Now this one I'm too late to show you as we make all our tages when we take the cards down, meaning we completed this task in January

  3. I used to do this when we were doing the 'gift giving' thing. I am afraid these days our Crimbles are virtually consumerism-free and there is no need.

  4. I think that is a great idea. When I was a child my mum used to give me year before's Christmas cards to recycle into tags.

    Julie xxxxx

  5. Your tags look so pretty. I usually plan to do them straight away after 12th night but usually only get round to it much later in the year. xx

  6. Your presents will look very pretty with these tags!

  7. I've done this since I was a child as well.
    Mum used to get us to take the wrapping paper off carefully and recycle that too :0)
    Lovely post.
    Jacquie x

  8. You told me about this idea a few years ago and I still use it. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Beautiful!!! My mum always did this!!


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