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September's Link up Party!

There has been an issue with the link up,
my apologies,
I now have a different one up - and so far seems to be working :)
So - (big breath)
Let the link up party

If you have joined in with my

Scavenger hunt, please link

with me on your blog :)

Please add your name to the

link up tool below,

just follow the easy instructions,

don't worry - if I can do it so can you!

Please just add your Name or Blog Name in the 'Link Title',

Now, let the Link-up Party begin!

Don't forget to leave a comment when you visit :)


  1. Finally done it! Thanks for organising this each month. I've found it tricky this month but love being able to join in with a scavenger hunt again :)

  2. It's all been a bit of a rush and I hope you don't mind me joining in, thank you for hosting the photo hunt..
    Amanda xx


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