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Post show recovery mode


*taps screen tentatively* .... hello?

Are you still out there? 
I'm back - sorry I was so quiet, been a bit busy you see.

What? Sorry missed that? 
Oh you were wondering what I was up to. Ah. Let me see...

We've just had our first 'Annual Trawden Artist Maker's Art event' and I am absolutely shattered! 

I would like to write down all the stories that accompanied our weekend but you would probably fall asleep by the time I'd only got quarter way down, there are so many. I won't put you through that.

So, instead, I will just pop in to say hello (oh - already done that), say that I am here, in post weekend recovery position, I have an art studio in a topsy turvy but happy state, have a list of commissions and sales that I have to work through, stock to replenish and coffee to drink (that last one has got to stop though... need to get off the 'hard stuff' and get back to peppermint tea and the like).

Our weekend had loads of visitors, including 'Storm Brian' who although not as large as the hurricanes and tropical storms that upset other events, nevertheless stamped his rather 'moist' mark on our weekend.  However we did not let him 'rain on our parade' and surprisingly we still had many many visitors. At one point, there was standing room only in my little studio with a small queue forming outside. Other artists said the same, saying their venues were full of folk and the hall several times was fit to burst with our wonderful 'bouncer' on the door advising folk to do the trail first before coming into the hall as there was no room - now that can't be bad!

Fortunately my dear Himself had rigged up a gazebo outside my studio door as a porch to help keep Storm Brian out - it happily sheltered my visitors from the rain too.

Right, I really must get on ... below are a few photos taken before we opened the doors, while we still had space and time to drink a final brew and breathe.... will I do it again? ummm - probably. (I can hear my Himself shrug his shoulders and sigh!)

View down the back wall, textiles and art
Gable end, jewellery
Our local nail room kindly hosted a mini display for us
Storm Brian seemed to approve, rainbow over the hall full of artists.
.... and yes,I have included an image of myself.

my name is Kate
I am an artist,
please to meet you x


  1. So pleased you had a good time and the storm didn't spoil all your hard work, it all looks very lovely.
    Amanda xx

  2. Sp glad to hear it was a success, I saw a bit of the action over the weekend on the Higherford Mill facebook page. Lovely to see a picture of you too!

  3. Lovely pictures bringing back memories of your fantastic art trail. You three organisers worked your socks off, well done. That rainbow was well spotted. It was just starting to rain when we were there and we appreciated the gazebo at the entrance. Your studio was warm and welcoming. Congratulations to all. xxx

  4. No, please, loads of stories please ….. drip feed a couple a week if you think that would be easier to read.

    Your studio looks awesome, love the ceiling.

    Delighted TAM was a success for you, superb idea of Himself to create a veranda (would it be too naughty to see if that could become semi-permanent - how lovely to have an outdoor/indoor space to use in the summer)

  5. It's always lovely to see what local artists are creating. A visit to our museum allowed me to buy a couple of cards of a painter's work I admired. Hope it went well and you're not totally wiped out!

  6. Glad you had a good, if damp, time..we were lucky to be much further North, so no howling gales, but plenty of the wet stuff!

    Collaborations are the best way to go..

  7. It is b****y hard work. And I am still working. I have to phone all the raffle prize winners, get their address and then post out their vouchers. Then I have to get the address of the one who won my painting - cant post that. Plus we have the 'wash up' meeting next week. Not sure I will be doing this one next year I got so stressed. I wasnt going to do NEOS again but its a easier as I am only responsible for me! WELL DONE.

  8. Lovely pics Kate & I'd love to see some more & hear the stories too. I know I'm lucky to have been informed of the goings-on from your Mum, but you've so much to show & tell. Ah, a question, have you had your hair cut since I last saw you? I'm ready for the photo hunt on Friday & talk to you soon. Rest up, take care & huggles.

  9. I can only imagine the hard work you've been up to lately. Just that display alone looks like a big achievement. The coffee can't have been doing too much harm! Looking lovely in the photo. J x

  10. Yes still here! Lovely pictures, love to hear all about it. Love the photo of you

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  11. You are back sooner than expected! I must have timed my visits so I did not have to queue anywhere! Glad you've got lots of commissions. Well done to you all.

  12. Wish I was there to see all the lovely art created by all the artists! You look lovely Kate, nice to meet you! Glad it was a success with lots of people.

  13. Yay, so glad you are back. What a lovely working space you have and that rainbow..... beautiful. Glad it was a success..now deep breath and entertain us with stories.

  14. A beautiful room filled with delights.
    Lovely photo of you... waving a hello.

  15. Well done - glad it was a success - your studio looks jammed packed with lots of goodies :)


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