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A story in five parts

Are you sitting comfortably,
then I shall begin ...

Part 1.

This dank and dreary weather is not for everyone. 
Sitting in the house with the lights on and the fire quietly crackling away 
makes the outside seem more ... outside.
Giving a dampening numbing feeling to me.
I resort to looking a photographs to give me inner sunlight.

Part 2.
Change of direction

I have attempted this post several times and in several guises
each one relevant and not relevant in one sweep.
When I started, the weather was damp and sullen
as was my mood.
Then the sun broke through, warmed my garden,
 energised me,
exhilarated the weeds
and sparked life in my sown seeds 
to show tiny green shoots of hope.

Part 3.
A mini retrospective.
Last spring - I needed to create a vegetable patch,
I needed to feel productive,
I wanted to provide and produce something from the garden, from me.
 The potager was born and for a few short sweet weeks
we regularly harvested and ate from the garden.

Then, we planted something new - my summerhouse studio.
I lost my potager and although I am beyond happy and in love
with my studio in the garden,
I missed my veg plot.

Part 4.
New shoots.
Last week, all my boys were at home,
from school,
from uni,
from work.
We walked (when the weather was good)
we talked, a lot.
We gardened.
With a irresistible urge to connect with this vernal movement,
we rescued my glasshouse of years of incorrect usage and towers of plastic pots,
removing the floor and laying new paths.
Creating deep beds.
Needing a lot of compost,
I emptied the compost bays.
All three of them.
All deep and chocolatey worm rich
black soil.
Whilst digging out heavy spadefuls
and pushing even heavier barrows
from compost
to glasshouse
gave me time to think and to plan.
A garden game of tetras 
became a long list of what to do next.
*Move the old composts to a new site
*Flatten and tidy old site and replace decrepit fence
*build a new shelter for the wheelbarrows
*build new compost bays
*lay new paths
*lift the lawn
*create new growing spaces
*plant the sprouting bulbs
*sow wild flower seeds on the green roof
The list seemed exhaustive and growing each time I thought.

Part 5
Finale (almost)

Most of the list is done.
As am I.

But, Monday is a new day
and I am ready to paint
both my garden and I
feeling fully charged

so ...
Bring it on!

And the photos? They were the images that gave me my inner sunshine :)


  1. Wowee. Wonderful. I wish I had the wonderful kids to help. Mine would but are too far away and living their own lives. Superb photos too.

  2. It sounds like you've had a very busy time :) I love the next-to-last photo, those flowers are really pretty :)

  3. Lovely photo's and words. We have a pair of buzzards nesting in a tree the otherside of our back garden. They are down in the back field quite often when I am getting ready for work and are a total distraction to what I should be doing instead of watching them. Lovely that your kids help not sure mind would and they are all busy living their own lives with their own gardens to sort out these days.

  4. It sounds all wonderful. An excellent idea to return the greenhouse to its original purpose. I've had a easy peak and it will work.

  5. good to plan and work those plans through..now you have a useable workshop AND garden.

  6. Lovely Kate & so uplifting seeing the photos along with your words. I do hope the garden uplifts all the family & feeds you well. Thank you & take care.

  7. Meaningful and creative work achieved with your loved ones. We both understand how important these times with our sons now firmly on the adult path are to us.

  8. Oh how I can concur with that thought process...and a garden should change right?! x

  9. Busy family time all working together for the ultimate goal.

  10. Beautiful! Love your photos!


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