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The journey to work

The daily commute ... the daily grind.
The early starts.
Rushing out of the house,
joining the rat race...
keeping to the speed limit,
no overtaking, 
Flying past the countryside, 
no time to look at anything on the way in,
rush rush rush
No time to check fresh produce,
or taste anything green and growing,
take the bypass, avoiding the main route, 
meandering through the greenbelt.
Time to slow down,
time to open the studio...
Time to switch on the kettle,
reach for a biscuit
and start the day.
My way.

Home to studio in 20 seconds. 


  1. Now that's what I call a perfect commute!

  2. Just beautiful Kate. I don't know how you cope with it every day ;-) X

  3. very nice.
    I used to commute 25 miles..going via the back lanes was often quicker and only 20 miles. Still too long, even with the thought of working in a bookshop at the end of it

  4. Way to go Kate & I did the same for a while when I quilted for others, though not through the garden, but a step down from the dining room. Love the iris & granny bonnets. Thanks & take care.

  5. The ideal commute, your assistant looks like he is keen to start his day too and it might be a race between the two of you to get there first!

  6. Lovely commute, I well Remember the M42......

  7. That's the way life should be!

  8. Nice indeed. Clearly Miss Moss has the route memorised!

  9. I'll bet there are any number of commuters who would envy your journey to work, especially those who use the trains.

  10. Who needs motorways or trains when you just have to walk up a path through a beautiful garden. Lovely way to start the day. xx


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