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Of half imagined things and dreams

She sleeps. 
Her tongue very very slightly out, 
the tips of her toes gently moving. 

From our perspective, she is a zonked out dog dreaming of ... dreaming of? Of what? We often just say ... oh look she's chasing rabbits... but ... is she?

Or is she dreaming of flying over the moors, soaring with eagles as they chase after a never tiring tennis ball.  Does she laugh with the crows as they tumble in the breeze, rolling over the updrafts while they chase after a Frisbee.

All four feet are twitching now, a dreamscape re-enactment of running with greyhounds, her front legs stretching forward as if she had seven league boots on. The greyhounds are left far in the distance - they have given up and wandering off, they have a bus to catch. Our Moss grins over her shoulder as she soars free as a winged griffin, paws flashing and tail lashing.

Her back, warmed by the fire, twitching, tickles the cat who frowns with a disapproving stare however, Moss is still deep in her dream. The protruding tongue tip curls as she swims through a deliciously cool stream, her paws paddle-steaming her as she hunts down that elusive stick we have just thrown.

Suddenly the actions hots up, her tightly shut eyes flicker and her ears jerk back and forth - dragons have appeared and they want to play too. Moss, ever the ready, races around them, her legs flying as her chops puff with an invisible woof.

We watch and wonder - should we wake her - remove her from her dream - are we rescuing her or interfering with the magic?

The deep throaty grumble followed by a whistling squeak makes us lean forward and give her shake.

Blurry eyed and confused our fur-hero is awake and at first she seems befuddled and embarrassed but after a large dog yawn and a bow-stretch she is back on earth - her mission to save the dragons is temporarily put on hold.... are these are the musing of a much loved dog or are they the over imaginations of her owner?

Does our dog dream? Oh yes - but what does she dream? Her little walnut brain probably has far more colour and stories than we give her credit ... or does it??

We'll never know!

Have yourselves a lovely weekend :)


  1. I am so glad you are not around to film me when asleep! Gorgeous dog.

  2. Yes.......what do dogs dream of? That imaginary dream sound a wonderful story please continue.......

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Oh, bless her darling heart. You are not imagining, our babies definitely dream. I always imagine in her dreams our Daisy is young again, with endless stamina and no creaking hips.

    You could be describing Madam when she is in a very deep sleep - the squeaks and grunts, the sticky out tongue, the little paws cantering over invisible ground (actually you are)! And wonderful dear Miss Moss now has a warm log burner to dream in front of, instead of a cold dark shed.

  4. Lovely Kate. I've often wondered about animals & dreams. Poor Moss being awoken from her slumber, but then maybe it was a good idea. Have a great weekend & take care.

  5. Lucky Moss. I bet she was also dreaming about racing to get to a biscuit!

  6. It's the little yipping noises I love in dog's dreams, will they catch....?

  7. and what do cats dream of when you hear them make that big sigh when they are asleep??

  8. Yes, if only they could talk. But I am sure Moss only has happy, contented dreams now. xx


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