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it has been beautiful this year 
too beautiful not to notice 
I sat in the dappled shade of a huge and stately hawthorn
whilst waiting for Youngest 
She was beautiful and I was so taken by her blossom 
 Glad my Celtic tree sign is the Hawthorn
Have a good week



  1. I love hawthorn, I think its scent is divine. Twice just recently I've walked down a narrow path with hawthorn hedges on both sides, it was wonderful. I think an enterprising perfume manufacturer should find a way of reproducing it and bottling it, if it ever were to happen I'd buy gallons of the stuff :)

  2. Beautiful photographs and nothing like a beautiful hawthorn.


  3. So beautiful!

  4. what gorgeous pictures, I shall have to look to see if I can see one near me.

  5. Can you smell it? Someone said you could and I never have. Lovely photos.

  6. There seems to be an abundance of these beautiful blossoms this year. The breeze has been making it fall like snow here. X

  7. I too think the Hawthorn has been wonderful this year; it is sadly beginning to go over but it was good while is lasted.

  8. The fragrance is lovely too, filling the countryside. :)

  9. Lovely Kate & I too think the flowers are so pretty & also the leaves which have an intricate shape. I do admit to not liking the smell very much & when pruning or cutting the thorns can be quite vicious, but worth having & seeing them in hedgerows & as wind breaks in this part of Victoria. Enjoy Spring & take care. Freezing here today with leaden black skies, rain & only 8 deg in our area at 3pm. Also quite a bit of snow in the Alps & other areas down to 600 mts.

  10. It's been so wonderful this year, you captured some stunning pictures.

  11. Hawthorn is always beautiful. xx


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