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A tea-junkie's gratitude list

Making : (and frogging and knitting and frogging) my knit and natter secret santa kal
Cooking : Soups - rich tomato, leek and potato, thick chunky veg. Salmon pie and loads of veg (and boys ACTUALLY eating it all up!) Lots of slow cooking.
Drinking : Far too much coffee, lots of tea, peppermint tea, ginger and lemon, hot 'RIbena' and orange vitamin C - yum.
Reading: Anything about sheep, cows, liver fluke, ecto-parasites, endo-parasites, twin lamb disease, hypoglycemia, lambing, dystokia, baa baa baa. 
Wanting: to knit more, blog more, walk more, crochet more.
Looking: at the layer of dust on the shelf I am sure I wiped not so long ago - Or did I miss it??
Playing: The delicious Rudimental CD - 'Home', the deep soul grabbing Peatbog Faeries - 'Dust and the wistful  London Grammar - 'If you wait'
Wasting: Time.
Sewing: Absolutely nothing! Although my Mom is sewing curtains for our bedroom (does that count?)
Wishing: That winter would just slip off quietly and allow the sun a little more time to play.
Enjoying: Walking at lunch with the dog, working with some really delightfully dotty friends.
Waiting: for spring to really kick in.
Liking: How our bedroom walls look now they have been painted.
Wondering: Why on earth we waited so-oooooo long to decorate?
Loving: My new food choices - given up wheat as best I can, no I am not gluten intolerant but have noticed how much better and healthier I feel since July when I waved bread (and other wheat based foods) bye bye! (Along with the weight :) )
Hoping: That with gentle persistence I can get the boys to reduce their sugar intake - managed to get them down from one teaspoon of sugar in every mug of tea to just a 'sweet' little 1/4 teaspoon!
Marveling: A how quickly we can make a tidied room into a mess.
Needing: Wrap my fingers around my mug of tea - they are cold and need a little tea-love.
Smelling: Olbas oil splashed on the back of my dog's neck - she has the sniffles and the oil helps clear her nose (and ours!)
Wearing: My crocheted blanket on my knee - so-oo snuggly and cozy. *love*love*love* my blankie :)
Following: (Well trying to) - following a more gentle way of life.
Knowing: I don't have much time left before my exams - and a lot of work still to get through.
Thinking: About the next few days - work is going to be extremely busy with meetings and talks for farmers about lambing time issues, sheep-themed giveaways, lambing lists, power-point displays.
Feeling: Tired, but not ready for bed.
Bookmarking: Sites on worming preparations, lice treatment, sheep medicines and cow care!
Opening: (And closing) the door for the cats.
Giggling: At the boys pulling a shoe box for Pan (she loves being towed around the house in a box - strange cat).
Feeling: Cold and appreciating our wood-burning stove as it quietly exudes a gentle but wonderful heat. 
Anticipating: A new wool event where I will not only be an exhibitor but helping give a workshop - left hand crochet!

My life is full, yet I feel that there is much more to do - which is why I am trying to slow down - to calm my thoughts and to be more focused. Difficult for some one with a butterfly brain........


  1. Cool, slightly mad list... Love it. Feeling so many similar emotions. Oddly not the sheep related ones! Heehee! Enjoy.

  2. Such a lovely post to read. Thank you for your helpful comments about my banner, yours looks great. I shall try your suggestions, fingers crossed!

  3. That sounds really busy - I try not to take on too much these days - but wonder if I'm being selfish.

    1. Please tell me your secret - I still say yes to things that I should really really say no!

  4. Busy as ever!!! Thanks for Warfe yarn date; not stumbled across that event yet. Probably see you there.

  5. Good list. I try now and again to not have bread as well, but I make ours and the family prefer it to store bought, and I do have a weakness for good toast. mmmm

  6. Just had a look at the wool event you mentioned, thanks! That is a new one, we just moved from Otley last year so its a good excuse to go for a visit!

    1. Oh Gail - come and say hi! Would love to meet you :)

  7. I wouldn't know where to start with such a list but I enjoy reading yours!

  8. What a fantastic way to give us a full post about you and your loves and interests - very thoughtful and revealing - you're such a sweetie Hawthorn! Hugs, Joy x

  9. Listening to Peatbog Faeries and rather enjoying their sound. Thanks for the tip!


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