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Knittin' nuttin' and nuttin' was goin' right!

If I had to frog my KAL one more time - I would have have had an entire frog's chorus !
Uhuh - frog frog
 Actually I have finally finished frogging and FINALLY have something to show for my crafting madness. 
I think the main issue was down to having a new type of yarn that I'd never tried out before and a colour I would not usually choose. So this was a CHALLENGE indeed!
 I tried all my usual choices - a scarf or a shawl (several types and different patterns) but each time as the garment grew big enough to start seeing how the finished item would be, I didn't like....so frog frog frog.

What didn't help either was the amount of college work loitering on the desk, on the computer, at work, in my head and just generally hanging around and menacing me! (grrr frog frog frog)

So, given there is a KAL 'deadline' I had to really get the knitting out of the way so I could get on - well - get on with life in general!
So - yes, I have FINALLY found something that looks good in the yarn, is useful, I have made two and  amazingly enough Youngest saw the value of my work and requested one for himself.
This third one (notice I haven't revealed what it is yet??!) needed a little more thinking about. So, four outgrown T-shirts later, a bit of cutting and 'yarn' making, a third version of my KAL has been finished and is hanging up in his room already being used. One happy chappie!

Sigh of relief all round then :)

I will reveal my crochet/knitty-madness in February (not so long away) xx

PS this is my 200th  post !


  1. Ah congrats on your 200th post Hawthorn, and very well done too! This is a very interesting post and a story I can really relate to, but I'm now 'spitting chips' for, having come to the end, the end is not here - and I have to wait till Feb to find out what you've been teasing me with!
    Have a lovely week and I hope you have some sunshine! Hugs, Joy x

  2. I hate that when you are knitting something and then start to not like it, it tends to get left on the side. Good that you found something to knit that you like, interested to see what you have made. What kind of wool is that?

  3. It's so frustrating when things don't go right. Your perseverance is a reward in itself. Looking forward to your next post.

  4. 200 posts! Well done me I must do a post too soon.... So sorry your KAL is being so naughty. I was very interested to see your crochet with fabric as I fancy doing something similar soon but as usual I am so very, very,v ERy,very busy!


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