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February already.

My head is full of facts (fleeting - I am sure they will fall out fairly shortly) of the fasciola hepatica (urgh) and if you want to be put off your next meal just follow the link. gah.

Ooh, quick change of subject please!

Well, my knit and natter Santa KAL is finally finished, as hinted at my last post, so  I gave a show and tell at our last gathering so I can now do the big reveal here.

I made hanging 'pods'. I'd seen a variety of styles of these hanging baskets some time ago and mentally filed them for later. The pattern for the first one is HERE and for the second and Youngest's versions, I just did my own thing.

My two pods are crocheted out of the KAL yarn which is Jaeger Trinity and the third pod was crocheted from out-grown T-shirt 'yarn'.

I keep my bracelets and bangles in mine and Youngest has very cheerfully chucked in his socks and boxers and hung it up on his clothes rail.

It did take a bit of effort to complete my challenge - but now I have finished them and they are hanging on on my cupboard doors, I am quietly pleased with them and they are certainly going to be used for a long time to come. Thank you 'Purple Threads' for your Santa KAL gift - it certainly got my grey matter going xx

 I must admit that making the T-shirt 'yarn' was quite cathartic but took longer than I anticipated. It was, however, a wonderful way of using up favourite T-shirts that were definitely far far too small for Youngest. I am actually inspired to make some from some sort of 'sea-grass' or sisal type thread to use in the bathroom. Large enough to hold a couple of rolled up hand towels or flannels.

Ok, back to studying - I just needed a break - thanks for listening and lightening up my afternoon. You are much more fun than studying about sheep liver fluke!

Have yourself a lovely week and I hope to try and pop in some time and dash a blog post off here and there between the books. Especially as I am knitting something NEW to ME (again!) and I can't wait to show off :) (if you wonder how I manage to get some knitting done, I am using it as therapy during my lunch hour in work  - no yarny goodness makes hawthorn a very unhappy girl!)

Go on - what is getting in the way of your crafting mojo?
What are you HAVING to do when there is wool to cast on?
Please tell - I need all the encouragement and support I can get :)



  1. I NEED to work on my blankie! I made t-shirt yarn last year and made a quite small bath mat from old youngest's leggings and OH's t-shirts. It is a satisfying make, due to instant results. Keep going with the studying. I know how timeous it can be. For your info, I am really appreciating your support too!

  2. They look really good. You must be so thankful that you finally found something satisfactory to do with your Santa wool. Good luck with the studying xx

  3. As I'd already eaten my lunch I thought I'd follow your link. Mmmmmmm! I can understand you wanting a short break from study. The hanging pods are a clever idea and look great.

  4. Well done with the hanging pods, a great idea. I did not follow the link as I suspected it would be gross!!! Thinking of you as you study every night.

  5. what a busy person you are . Your brief walk looked lovely and the pods are most useful. catch up soon I hope

  6. Well done these are super .My challenge is to try and fall in love with all the yarn I have in my stash and to try and stop loving what I don't have .I'm falling over the yarn I have at home.

  7. Those look great! I like them!

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