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Look what he did!

On Friday morning, I awoke to these................
Oh be still my beating heart. Every year (and I do mean EVERY year) we have been together, I have received flowers - he never forgets.  
Me, on the other hand, can be found on the day rushing into a shop to find a suitable card and compensating with a quick baking or special evening meal...I always seemed to be surprised that the 14th has come round so quickly and I AM NOT READY!

Ooh I love him!

Talking of love.......just look what came in the post for me.........(ok ok - so I did order them but I still did a skip of glee and a squeal of delight when they arrived!) The smallest and neatest circular knitting pins my heart ever did desire - squeeeeeee!

Oh, and see that knitting abomination going on there?

Yup - talk of being so out of love of my project. It started well, but several froggings, scratching of head and many frowns later..... I have completely fallen out of love. In fact, I can feel the severe itch of a frogging session coming on. grrrrrr. The colour isn't really true in these pictures, in the 'real' the colours actually look rather good together. But - not enough to sway my decision. Goodbye disappointing glove - goodbye.

What has lifted you up this week?
What has made you frown?
Was your week as busy as mine?

Excuse me as I now sign out as I get myself ready to watch Salamander - my new subtitle weekend delight :)


  1. Oh isn't he wonderful! Such beautiful flowers - he loves you too, no doubt about it!
    Such a cute little circular - I've never seen one so small but have heard them mentioned - I can't seem to get away with circular needles at all but will have to practice again one day, perhaps on one of these little ones?
    I'm sorry you were disappointed with the glove Hawthorn, sometimes we just have to 'bite the bullet' and rip it - as soon as those feelings start we know within ourselves really, but we continue, hoping things will work out don't we - and sometimes they do - occasionally . . . .
    Have a great Sunday and week! Hugs, Joy x

  2. Gorgeous flowers. You're a lucky lady. We had lunch out and then he treated me to 2 dresses as we couldn't decide which one was nicest. :)
    I really must learn to knit on circular needles, there's never enough hours in the day for crafting is there?
    Have a great Sunday x

  3. Gorgeous flowers, love the red and blue. You lucky duckie! As my OH was 40 on Friday he rightly took centre stage. Goodbye poor glove...

  4. Sorry I never got to meet that glove. Don't give up, now you have a mini circular needle you might find it easier. Love the flowers.x

  5. The room looks lovely, it was worth all your hard work. The flowers are gorgeous and knitting needles very teeny. Hope to catch up soon. :-)


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