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Hebden Bridge 1 - On the road.

  • A bleak and winding road over wet and wild moors.
  • For the first time in a long time - there were no stock on the road, they were all in the valleys sheltering against the icy rain and wind.
  • Leaden sky reflected by the leaden reservoir.
  • Cobbled narrow streets, we carefully drove through Heptonstall's tiny highway. Filled with hardly altered history.
  • Hebden Bridge coming into view through winter thin trees and flashing by stone walls.

Half term and a request by the boys - please can we spend the day over in West Yorkshire. One I am happy to promise.


  1. love Hebden Bridge but half term isn't until next week for us

  2. Wonderful pics Hawthorn, even with the weather so bad - I love seeing these parts of the 'old country', thank you so much. Enjoy the break with your boys! Hugs, Joy xo

  3. Such beautiful photos I really love the one in the car mirror very clever

  4. Think I need another holiday in Yorkshire, it's well overdue!

  5. Love the first shot of the high moor. Such beauty in that bleak vista :)

  6. Oh how well I know this way to HB, one of my favourite places.


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