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Hebden Bridge 3 - expect the unexpected

  • Centrally placed cast iron door handle and vertical letterbox.
  • High rise bridge across a busy street - with the flooring removed a long long time ago.
  • A triangular corner of a bank in typical brash and confident Victorian architecture.
  • Wrought iron gate - still languishing in front of many shops - closed from last year's severe flooding.
  • A cat in a window.
  • A little acrylic bicycle quietly swinging above head height.
  • A flood damaged decorative door now with added flood deterrent frames, half of the street had their flood doors in permanent position and the rest were having them installed.
  • No time being told today - the sky was too leaden to give shadows. This huge slate sundial is dated 1835 and inscribed with the months and the calculations needed to make telling the time more accurate.
  • I've eaten in this pub - soon after we arrived from Africa, and Eldest as a small small boy split my lip open with a toy car just outside this very door. Now closed and up for sale.
  • We wondered if Rapunzel lived here, tossing her long golden locks down the side of the tower only to change her mind and retreat back inside to where it is warm and dry!
  • Tattoo parlour insignia - beautiful.

What have you been up to this half term?
What have you seen through the eye of the lens of your camera?
What was your weather like?

We had a wonderful day here, the three of us, one we anticipate in repeating soon.


  1. What a nice collection of numbers for your Christmas countdown? Glad to see the flood protection frames going up. More people should do that and not rely on the councils for sandbags. Lovely collection of pictures. xx

  2. Great pics Hawthorn, but what a shame about all the flooding and necessity for taking such measures against it - I haven't seen such things as flood deterrent frames before and it's so good that such precautions can be taken! Hurry along SPRING!!! Have a great weekend, hugs, Joy xo

  3. How I love these old buildings. I dream of living in a house with a turret. It would be wonderful to have light coming in from all angles and views to die for. Well it costs nothing to dream!


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