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In which I need an antidote

I can't even begin to explain how whirlwind-like my day at work was and probably will be again tomorrow.

So as an antidote - pictures of knitting instead..........

Ah.. that's better.

And coz I know you will ask.
It is in alpaca - super soft and snuggly alpaca in chocolate, meadow, tangerine and (not shown) one other colour to be decided!!
And coz you'll want to know - it is a gift for a special friend. 
I am using one of the bamboo circular knitting needles my fav sis in law gave me for chrimbly - they are simply bliss to knit with :)

However, I can only snatch a row here and a row there between study and sleep .............. One I have an excess of and the other a dearth....
So nothing new there then!
Back to a quick row before off to bed x


  1. Looks interesting and soft and sniggley! xx

  2. Lovely colours and great little pins.

  3. | love alpaca yarn - so soft and warm. x

  4. Here to catch up on your words and beautiful photos! Enjoyed it all Best, Vicki

  5. hearing you loud and clear ! my day seem like that too. and oh! for a bit more sleep!

  6. Love the colours; glad this is your chosen antidote to stress etc. No idea what it will be


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