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In which I waffle in a pre-weekend waffle

Thank you all for your lovely kind comments about my 'Sloppy Joe' and hello Debbie from Fairy Bluebell's Craft Adventure - welcome to my random world of this and that and mainly the other with plenty of waffle on the side!

 My Sloppy Joe - the name of it seemed to have generated curiosity and confusion.

To me and to other expats or colonials - a Sloppy Joe jumper is a loose fitting comforting knit which I suspect now is called the boyfriend jumper.  However, to others (and I suspect predominately American readers and my two sons - who watch American tv programmes) a Sloppy Joe is a type of burger.

So in the interest of (non)science, I googled the word and the predictive text instantly added an 's' on to the end of the word. This made the tinter kindly supply hundreds of images of a minced beef slop in a round sesame seed bun - urgh.

So I retyped the word and firmly removed the 's' and added the word 'jumper' and was immediately shown rather dated images of knitting - sort of 1980s style baggy sleeved, big haired and geometric patterned versions - urgh for the second time.

My third attempt was as the boyfriend jumper and was rewarded with more modern images of the 'Sloppy Joe' jumper in my over active imagination - job done!

So, although my new favourite jumper in the world has a name that causes carnivores to have a strange far away look in their eyes as the salivate or various boyfriends grumble at clothing theft - I'm happy.

The only downside is - and I can barely call it a drawback - I have empty knitting pins and twitchy-knitting fingers just waiting for a project to do :) What a dilemma to have :)

Oh yes! Tomorrow is Friday which seriously means that the weekend MUST be just around the corner! Woo hoo!!

Lets make it a good one xxxxxxxxx


  1. Yes around here Sloopy Joe is something to go between two pieces of bread. :) Jumper is this type of bib overall http://www.sears.com/craftsman-men-s-big-tall-traditional-work-bib-overalls/p-041VA67755612P?sid=IDx01192011x000001&kpid=04160650445&pla=&kispla=041VA67755612P I like the different ways to say things. Show to us the jumper when it's all done. I can't knit but I can do some crochet but I do love both. Thank you for your visit and comment!

  2. Sloppy Joe is a recipe we've had, but it was mince with baked beans on a bun. Probably the Ozzie version of an American recipe, but for me it will always be a sweatshirt type jumper. Funny with the names of things and also pronunciations and even the spelling of some words. Makes the world an interesting place. Take care.

  3. I must say that I am impressed with your pictures and layout generally, having read some of your posts. How bright and interesting it all looks!

  4. I just cannot associate the term Sloppy Joe with a burger... no thanks, let's just drool over your Sloppy Joe. How can you bear not to have somethings on your needles? Perhaps by now you have been inspired to knit something gorgeous.

  5. I am sure that your needles will soon be busy again!!! I've never eaten a sloppy joe so cannot comment and i'm not sure that I have worn one either! xx

  6. I agree, you wear a Sloppy Joe, not eat it!! Enjoy your next knitting project. xx

  7. Sloppy JoeS were a regular Friday night dinner when I was a girl so how appropriate that you would post this on a Friday!


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