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Old Norwegian Cast on Ta-da!!

Firstly thank you everyone for your comments and birthday wishes :) They are much appreciated and make my heart skippity skip happy :)

This last week has been a bit of a full on - so very glad it is over.

As usual the weekend has flown by - like it does and despite squeezing in lots, I feel to have achieved very little.

However, I did cast on a hat last weekend and completed it today .  A simple quick knit 3 purl 2 until the correct length then decrease.
The most exciting part was or rather is - I can do Old Norwegian cast on!

I learnt how to do it (thanks youtube!) but being left handed had to watch it and mentally reverse the process and do it mirror image.  Not has hard as it sounds, being doing that for years and years now :)
Any hoo  - after a few false starts and my fingers thinking they were doing French skipping, I picked it up and am delighted with the results.  The cast on is a smooth elastic thing of beauty - no loose loops or tight stitches. I will definitely use it again - happy happy :)
Now, Sunday evening, sitting in front of the fire I have just woven in the ends and Himself is wearing it - Ta-happy-da!!


  1. The hat looks lovely. Left-handed eh! I've taught two lefties to knit by sitting in front of them rather than beside and both learnt and went on to enjoy. I was actually left-handed as a child but grew up in that era where it was very frowned on and got smacked on the knuckles all the time so am now right-handed to a big extent. I still thread a needle with my left and my grandson in Canberra was surprised that I play cricket with that hand also and yelled out to everyone that Nana was a 'leftie'. I'm just a tad weird I suppose. Have a good week and take care.

  2. Hat looks great on Himself; a perfect fit. Not heard of Old Norwegian Cast On but will remember this for when I next do a hat.

  3. Excellent hat. A bit like one I knit for my husband last year.

  4. Well done you on learning something new! Especially having to reverse the process, that cannot have been easy! xx

  5. Glad you had a good birthday! Old Norwegian Cast On sounds intriguing and the results looks very good - the hat looks great.
    Cathy x

  6. Norwegian Cast On is one I've not come across myself but perhaps one to check out as I've hats on my list to make.

  7. Yes, looks interesting. Will have to check it out too. If it is stretchy it may be useful for mitts as well. xx

  8. Old Norweigian is one I've been meaning to try. It looks great here. I'm off to consult YouTube


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