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Accepting Autumn (a bit of a Ta-d!)

I had greedily become used to the unexpected late summer warmth 
making the softer autumnal days quite delicious and balmy.
The nights have started to contain a crisp feel, 
clear skies making for chilly mornings. 
One afternoon last week, returning from a Moss walk, 
I could feel the crunch of leaves beneath my boots.
They are a bitter-sweet reminder of the season
so instead of just crushing them and feeling grumpy,
I collected a few that had dried reasonably flat.
Later at home, I rummaged out a couple of cones from last year's festive craft box,
to add to the windfall and crab apples I had already gathered, 
as well as a vine wreath I'd twisted a week or two ago. 
With trusty mug of tea at my side, I spent a happy half hour
trying out different designs
with the leaves, cones and fruits. 
Glued them on, then weighed down with pebbles.
And, true to form, a feather or two tucked in between the leaves.

Stepping back, with, my now empty mug (thank you for all you lovely comments of my mug :) )
I feel quite happy with my little token of accepting autumn, 
I shall be hanging it on my front door as soon as I have finished this post.

Thank you too for your lovely photos for the Scavenger Photo hunt (a few of you have emailed with apologies for missing last month - don't worry! We do this for the fun and the pleasure of it - it is not compulsory!!)

I will be running the photo hunt for October and November but giving it a break for December, I have something else planned for that month (mind you I suspect most of us do too). So here is a little hint of December's plan.

I will be still doing my chrimbly-count-down but with added chrimbly crafting. From the 1st of December until the 24th, I shall be posting a craft a day. Each one will be a quick and easy one and will be ranging from last minute gifts, festive baking, seasonal crafts, decorations and wrapping/making gift containers. 

I am so looking forward to sharing with you all these little tutorials and ideas!  

I shall be posting this month's list of words for our photo hunt over the weekend,
a slightly different slant this time - enjoy!

Happy FRIDAto you all


  1. Lovely autumnal post. Can't wait to see the wreath on the door. Hope it inspires locals to do the same. December should be fun. xx

  2. Busy you! No stopping you now. Good idea for no Scavenger hunt in December as everyone will be busy! I do like your wreaths. Looking forward to the craft-a-day posts in December!

  3. It looks lovely. I've never thought of making an Autumn wreath. I'm now very much looking forward to your December posts. X

  4. Love those wreaths. I have my Christmas Advent Calendar count down too. Would you like to join in again this year.........? Looking forward to the Scavenger hunt lists too and I'll to get it done on time this time

    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. This is so delightful for a sweet autumn welcome! I feel inspired to try & make one!
    You have a lovely blog and I enjoyed seeing your unique photos!
    thanks for coming by my blog too!

  6. Gorgeous wreath - I do love autumn! Looking forward to December - those posts sure will keep you busy.

  7. Such a pretty wreath!! I have not one in many years. This is an inspiration! Happy Autumn!

  8. The wreaths are lovely. They really do capture the spirit of autumn.


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