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Last little uni gift

I did try and maintain a stiff upper lip,
I may have succumbed to a little eye dabbing and chin wobble - but not enough to embarrass the boy - Good Grief NO!

However, on getting into the car and bravely proudly waving good bye, I suspect I indulged in a little lot of motherly wibberling and snifferling (I do have - in my defence - a bit of a horrible cold) and needed a lot of 'there-theres'  by Himself.

Roll on Friday (oh - did I not mention that? - he's coming home for the weekend!) so - umm, all this moisty-eyed heart-broken mother stuff is only from Sunday to Friday.

Hmmm. I know, I know - note to self - pull yourself together.......

Any hoo - I made him a key ring with the help of Himself. He cut and drilled a piece of slate and I slapped on a bit of paint.
I think our Eldest is going to be fine (it's just his soft proud mother causing the problems!!)

Good luck my boy!


  1. Oh how I know that feeling so well. x

  2. Yes, it is always sad to say goodbye ....chin wobbles and leaky eyes are allowed. xxx

  3. I hated it when my son when off to uni.

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. Not easy when they fly the nest so definitely wobbly chins and leaky eyes are allowed.

  5. it is sad..a shared milestone....but on no account let any dirty washing return..or if it does, HE does it!!!

  6. (A mum hug) to help you through the week X


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