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In which I am not knitting

Friday today :)

And what has been happening?
Well ...

Been busy painting,
not been knitting,
Been busy carving a stamp ....
twice ...coz the first time I forgot to do it in reverse ... sigh,
not been knitting,
been watching the snow,
not been knitting.

And you?
What have you been up to?
Go on, I love to hear what has kept you busy!

Happy FRIDAto you all



  1. Love the new coasters. Envious as I cannot draw. Not done a great deal today, organised the yarn I've put aside for kitty blankets, a bit of housework and then practising (and possibly mastering) treble crochet foundation chain. Oh yes, and watching the snow.

  2. OOh, wonder what you've been painting in those colours? I remember doing lino carving as a child, & have one of those foam stamp blocks somewhere. I've been gathering up ideas for itty bitty Xmas gifts & thinking about UFO's.
    Not too much going on here at the moment, just ordinary busy. Take care.

  3. PS Just watched the video clip. You are one clever girl, & I'm so green with envy. x Susan.

  4. Well a walk around Rocester this morning....a trip to Abbots Bromley this afternoon...which was lovely, and afternoon tea at Cobwebs. And this evening KNITTING! I brought up the shawl I'm knitting to sons place. x

  5. Oh, I wish I'd been watching the snow. Your work is fantastic. It's been crochet and knitting for me. X

  6. You have been busy :) I've puttered around doing house stuff, managed some sewing this afternoon, and did a bit of blogging too.

  7. Been sorting my photo treasure hunt pix and crocheting, not knitting either. 😊Xx

  8. Sounds like you've had some fun crafty time. I have been busy knitting...or rather learning to knit. Last night I think I picked apart more than I knitted. I made a mistake, didn't know how to fix, started to unpick...couldn't seem to stop. I had to start all over again!

  9. I've been doing a lot of knitting. and un-knitting....... sigh.........

  10. Just watched video clip....Meg looks lovely xx


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