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August's Scavenger Photo Challenge

Welcome to August's Scavenger Photo Challenge.

Can I let you into a little secret? I only completed my list of pictures yesterday! I have been silly busy and suddenly it was a couple of days to go and I'd still not got myself sorted, so this set have been a little rushed :)

Right, breathe! Enjoy!

Pepper asleep on the 'catwalk' on one of our few sunny days. She was so warm and relaxed.

It begins with an M...
Photo taken on Sunday when we walked in the Dales. 
We had stopped for lunch in a little wildflower meadow and enjoyed our sandwiches and coffee. 
We didn't stay too long as it was not a particularly warm afternoon.

Time for ...
Same walk, and as you can see, we are all a little wrapped up.
What do you mean you can't see me?
Oh, sorry, well you will have to believe me when I say, 
I was wearing a hat and scarf and wishing I'd brought a warmer coat!

Sorry about this one - had complaints that it was too hard! But, if the words were too easy then it would not be a photo challenge!

If it is any consolation, I only discovered that the nasturtiums in my garden were the right colour a day or two ago! .... Tangerine is also fruit, so named after the place it came from ...Tangiers in Morocco. The colour is defined as a fiery orange red, which is probably why these nasturtiums are called 'Whirlybird -Tangerine'

It begins with an O...
Sunday again. Beautiful big sky with glorious cloud formations.

Whilst snapping the nasturtiums, I saw these - whiskery word boshed!

The shadow thrown by the curtain in my room.
It has a crochet lace edging - perfect.

Yup, Sunday again, this time doing 
the 'Abbey Road'  thing - my fab four :)

I have a small wooden box filled with little rubber stamps. 
I bought them a while ago hoping to stamp the back of my work.
They were not as successful as I'd planned, so now they sit quietly on my desk.
They will be useful someday, but not just at the moment.

My own choice

Did I make you smile?
Did I make you chortle?
Then my task is done and...

Now off to see what you lovely lot have got up to!

Don't forget to add your name to the link up
and visit the other blogs, we all love comments
see you soon :) xxxxxx


  1. Yippee! Glad I was not the only with hardly anything done, then thought, oh by gosh, it's Thursday and I need photos for the Hunt, only to realise after I'd posted it, it was only Wednesday. Similar thoughts on whiskery & I love all your walking pics & Sunday must have been a good day, as 2 of mine were that day too & also cold & blustery. Clever one for lace, but my favourites would have to be the Fab 4 & the last one of Moss. Thanks once more for hosting & take care.

  2. Considering you only did this last minute, you have some great interpretations. Moss and Pepper are my favourites of course :) and tangerine and whiskery borage are both inspired.Nice to see your walk too. x

  3. First time joining in and I'm glad that I did! The challenge was just the inspiration I needed and I had fun last night trawling through old photos and findind pictures for the words :-) I loved your take on the challenge especially "the abbey road thing!" Thanks for organising this, San

  4. Lovely photos, funny I thought of borage too as whiskery.....

    I never really think of mine till quite late...... well I think about it, but never go seeking till quite late!

    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. I only got my last one two days ago! You have some fabulous shots here....Borage and lace curtain really stand out for me. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Moss steals the show, yet again. Whiskery borage is excellent; why didn't I think of that one??? Fab tangerine colour too. Perhaps next month we will have less of a silly month???

  7. You did yours all last minute and are a fantastic interpretation. Perhaps I dither and ponder too long. Lovely selection of pictures. Another 'relaxed' cat - they manage that so well. I love our fab four and my favourite is your favourite...smiley Moss.

  8. Have loved seeing the photos people have taken for the scavenger hunt, so hoping to join in next moth.. love the photo of the dog , it did make me smile..
    Amanda xx

  9. Great photos! Love Pepper and the dog jumping for joy made me smile:)

  10. Sorry I have not taken part this month but I will be back with you in September. Your interpretations are brilliant especially moss. Look forward to seeing Septembers list , oh dear that is tomorrow.

  11. My favourite is the Borage. Lovely selection.

  12. I love the borage pic - haven't been able to grow it for years ... and tangerine sure was a challenge. Great pics as always Kate. Fil

  13. Great selection for this month.

  14. Love your white text additions K, very artistic! Aw, what a great action shot of Moss! Dogs are so obliging aren't they? This is s really lively set of photo's. I enjoyed them all 😊

  15. Your pictures are so clever! I love the reflection of lace and the stamps. Plus, the Borage whiskers are inspired!!! The picture on the bridge is very clever too!

  16. Well isn't it strange, I thought the tangerine one was so obvious I purposely stayed away from the fruit at the supermarket and went for the colour instead. I found the whiskery one hardest. I enjoyed all of yours but must say the lace interpretation really impressed me :)


  17. For a last minute job this is a brilliant collection! I like all the ourdoorsy ones best :) Also love your find for whiskery and that last photo!

  18. Your map photo is definitely my favourite (apart from Moss, of course) - a bit scruffy, a couple of small tears, the sign of a map well used and loved!


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