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Bitter winds blow

Today we awoke to a blanket of snow
and not to a particularly warm blanket
accompanied with a bitter wind.

Drifts up to our knees in parts of the garden.
having a coat of powdery white
makes the mundane
see extraordinarily beautiful
Seed heads 
become otherworldly.
Other garden paraphenalia
become coated
appear hawkish
feel raw

I knew this second icy blast was on her way
but still...
she is bitter,
sending a chilling howl around the house
and down the chimney.

In defiance - we went out
and despite floundering in the hip-height drifts
and feeling the icy-bite to our cheeks,
we have returned
feeling rejuvenated,
and ready for a mug of tea and Shetland oat biscuits.

Welcome to my new followers - thank you for visiting my part of the blogisphere, it good to see you here. 

I have had a couple of emails asking me if I am ok as I don't seem to blog as regularly or as much as before, thank you for your kind concerns, I do feel to be busy at the moment but must let you know that I am also active elsewhere on the tintersphere.
I can be found here kjsutcliffe artist (which is my FB art page) and TAM - trawden artist makers, a community art page I do. 
My own page is for my art and studio plus updates and photos from the markets and fayres I attend and the TAM page is about a collaborative of artists and what we get up to - I would love to see you over there :)  I also have an art blog,  but like this one it has been a little neglected, something I will rectify once I have caught up with all the arty things I have to complete before the next art market I am participating in.


  1. We have some snow here too, but I've stayed home. Plans were cancelled and I've enjoyed sewing and drinking gallons of tea. Lovely photos as alwaysx

  2. I always think the snow makes everything pretty. I was expecting some but not the accompanying bitterly cold winds. We went walking earlier and returned to large mugs of steaming hot tea with flapjack. My face has only just thawed out! X

  3. Beautiful photos. Just a covering here and now gone. Bitterly cold tho. Better to be busy than not! Especially as its doing stuff you enjoy.

  4. Wonderful photos Kate - we've just had a little bit of snow, but it is SOOOOOO cold - I'm afraid we're both cowards about going out - you make it sound so inviting lol

  5. Had the snow here from 7pm last night and by late one there was quite a covering but it's all gone now except for on some of the grassy areas. Still a bitingly cold wind though, enough to keep me and the dogs indoors :(

  6. Maybe we've been super hot, but that cold looks "ever" so chilly. I suppose on the odd occasion it would be a novelty, but like our weird weather, not so late in the season. The rain I mentioned yesterday was actually horizontal as the wind was so strong. I may be getting some help to have private FB, so I can follow you on that too. Helps to have a wonderful GD staying. Way more tech savvy than me. Keep warm & huggles.

  7. Here in East Cornwall we have a few inches of snow with more forecast for later. Bitterly cold out there and temperatures set to drop by several degrees tonight. I feel so sorry for the new lambs born up on Bodmin Moor in recent days - poor little things.

  8. Snow and icy blasts of wind here too in the East Midlands, its been beautiful to watch in out of the window.

  9. Isn't it a pity that to get the beauty of snow it has to be so darn cold! x

  10. Thankfully it was not as bad as last time! Pretty to see but .......

  11. Sorry, I seemed to have missed this blog. Lovely snow pictures, especially of my favourite...your fairy door. xx


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