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March Hare Madness

Whilst tidying today, 
I came across
a bag filled with snipperty bits of felt
and fabrics
I could feel a welling up of making-itis
and reached for a piece of paper,
scissors, pen and threads.
Snipping snipping,
soon two little hares
one gold coated and his chocolaty shadow.
Tiny blanket stitches,
tiny bits of floofy stuffing ...
soon my hare
looked a little less flat.
Little Hare had to choose his tail...
would it be a greeny grey one with spotty dots?
Would it be a pale yellow one with a little heart?
Or would a shade of blue look better with his coat of gold?
Whilst deciding the perfect tail,
who should I spot but two little fellows
made many years ago
by a very much younger
and smaller son.
I'd forgotten I'd stashed these precious little folk in my button box,
now - at least ten years later,
I am making my own little felty creature.
It made my heart squeeze with both love and nostalgia.
Meanwhile, Little Hare continued researching
the perfect tail
and decided on the one he wanted.
With tail firmly added,
Little Hare met his 'cousins'
and wondered if they would like to become broaches too. 
Then he hopped up on to my jersey,
settled down
and kept me company for the rest of the day. 
I might be looking for more snipperty bits of felt
to be inspired by.
I feel another bout of making-itis coming on.



  1. Love the little hare and how he got to choose his own tail :) I thought he might have gone for a fluffy one though :)

  2. I love the way you tell the stories of these things. Making-itis! Wonderful! I definitely suffer from this. I have all the pieces ready to start a new rag rug I have planned, but I keep putting off starting because once I start, I will be completely obsessed and the rest of my life will fall apart...

  3. He is so cute!!!! Very clever to choose his own tail. Take care.

  4. So sweet. I have lots of felt scrappy bits. I love the two creations from your son, most definetly make them into brooches if he says yes!

  5. Delightful. I've got some felt hares I made a few years ago with spirals on.

  6. I've seen him 'in the flesh' and can say he is so cute. Coming from a talented lady, of course he was able to choose his own tail!

  7. Very cute. I love hares. Such magical creatures. :)

  8. You will be the girl with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes then?! x

  9. I too saw him 'in the flesh' or is it felt....and he is even more sweet and gorgeous than the photograph shows. Love the little felt critters you have saved. Happy memories. I have some similar things in my father's tobacco jar!! xx


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