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Festive Advent Calendar Doors 11 - 15

Joining in with Julie of Julie's Journal & Scrapbook's Festive Advent Calendar 2018

Festive Chocolate

Festive Jumper
When you ask your son (who's at uni) to send a photo of his festive jumper,
and he sends 19. It takes all your motherly instincts and restraint to NOT share immediately
but to crop off his face and string them together in a slide show.
For your amusement.
You are welcome!!

Red and Green

Candles/candle light

A Princess in hiding. 
'Wrapped' in a bag that usually holds
You can't see her - can you?
Good - just like she likes it :)

The next five are.....
Wintery Scene
Tree before and after


  1. The wreath is gorgeous and I had a giggle at the jumper photographs. For a brief moment I thought you meant he had nineteen christmas jumpers! X

  2. Lovely Kate & also one very cheeky son. I do love your furry parcel & I've not seen choccy coins for ages, though I don't particularly look for things like that these days. Take care.

  3. I wonder if my "child" has worn his much loathed Christmas jumper again this year! I shall have to ask him when he gets home this weekend.

  4. Love the jumpers - that's the sort of thing one of my son's would've done! Made me smile! Love Princess - no cannot see her, where is she..........?

    Julie xxxxx

  5. These are lovely pictures. Your son has the manly model pose down to a fine art- my boys I am ashamed to admit do like the manly pose malarkey! They have a very good one of hand over the top of eyes gazing into the distance ! Cats do love a god bag or box. When we moved house and everything was in boxes, the cat found the last one jumped and waited patiently for the off.

  6. Boys and their posing!! Remember the new car? Can't see Pan anywhere!!!

  7. Great photos. Love the slideshow. Too funny. The cat hiding is really adorable....oh I mean the empty bag since she is hiding so well.

  8. What a fun young man you have nurtured, loved the sequence with the Christmas jumper :-)


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