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January Scavenger Hunt - first for 2019!

Hi there!
Wow January has slipped by rather quickly - admittedly most of it passed me by in a haze of snuffles, coughs and whopping headaches but I can now happily say that I am now raring to go!

'Fraid, due to said rubbish lurgy,  my selection of images have only just been hastily thrown together now that I feel brain-worthy enough to search for pictures and string a sentence together :)


A quick lino cut (all my befuzzled brain could deal with) of a cat,
silver ink and black paper- giving a lovely metallic look.

A gift from a friend some years ago - one of my favourites.

Or rather ... in the process of being made,
crochet scarf.
The yarn is alpaca and the plan is the colours
will filter in and out of each giving a woven effect.
Slow but happy progress.

A very old tree trunk - silvered with age and hollow sounding, 
once used as a gate post, now forgotten on a lovely old drover track.

A new roof for an old farm house, 
a mix of modern trusses and original struts.

My own Choice
Taken Wednesday on my walk (as part of my #walk1000miles challenge)
a lovely crisp day, crunchy under foot
and rather nippy on the nose and fingers.


  1. Love the plate and the crochet. Love to see the crochet scarf when finished. That lino cut is beautiful

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Endless coughs and snuffles here too, we've come to the conclusion it must be a virus, roll on Imbolc, more light, hopefully more sun.

    Beautiful pictures, love your frosty gate. xx

  3. I love the tree and the gate and your crochet looks intriguing - looking forward to seeing the completed project x

  4. That crochet is galloping along. I particularly liked the aged photo with its lovely metal thing! I agree January has romped by.

  5. Lovely images. I like the cat lino cut and your plate is very pretty. Love the gate covered in snow too:)

  6. Lovely pictures. The gate looks very inviting. I'm now wondering what the view is on the other side when you walk through.

  7. Beautiful images. I forgot to join in, hopefully next time. The lino cut is gorgeous and I love the frosty photo. Hope that kind of weather returns. X

  8. Glad you are feeling better & I'm late joining the link as we've had NBN maintenance issues & a power cut in the middle of yesterday when it was 44.7deg.,but here I am linked. I love all the photos, but No.1 would have to be the gatepost & look forward to seeing the scarf progress. Thanks & take care.

  9. Some lovely images, Kate. I have some serious plate envy but my favourite would have to be your last photograph taken on a bright frosty day. X

  10. Love the lino cut, and that frosty gate looks so inviting, it's just made to be opened to see what's on the other side :)

  11. Lovely photos! I particularly like your lino-cut cat! I hope that you are feeling better now. I have linked up for the first time - thank you for the inspiration! April xx

  12. I like the rusty gate hanger and the snowy gate best. It's amazing how sunny it can be in winter and those are the days to enjoy, even when it's cold. Good Luck with your 1,000 miles challenge.


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