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June's photos and words

They meant it!
That small dot of light - the exit.....

Her ears are best seen with the light from behind, then a secret stash of spots appear.
Apart from the two dark ones on her right ear, none can be seen from the 'outside' unless the light shows through.

One from the archives. Taken on the last day of an autumnal holiday up in Galloway (2016)

Starts with a K....
K.....is for Kelly Kettle
Also for..... me, walking near Kettlewell.

Himself - stopping to remove his boots, 
the next step was one too far and we had to wade through the water.

My own choice

Monday evening walk. 
Hazy sunset and curious cow.


  1. Oh goodness, it is that time already. June has sped by, I must have been sleeping.
    Always lovely photos, it is your 'artists eye' I think . . .
    I know where there is a lovely photo of Moss's spots - seen from behind. xxx

    Will email later.

  2. Lovely photographs again. Not much light at the end of that tunnel and Moss is as pretty as always. But my favourite is 'your own choice'. That silhouetted picture of the curious cow against the setting sun is beautiful. xx

  3. My favourite is Spotted! She has a wonderful, quizzical look on her face. I'd give those stepping stones a miss as I don't fancy getting wet!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful photographs. They serve to increase my longing for the outdoors. X

  5. Lovely photos Kate & I just love the quizzical look on Moss's face. The tunnel is dark & are the stepping stones at Bolton Abbey? Of course when I saw the letter K, I thought it easy for you & I love your take of Kate in Kettlewell....... Thanks for hosting & sharing. Take care & huggles.

  6. Love that puppy! Great photo of the spider web! So good that you have places to walk! What a gorgeous color of hair! Whau!

  7. Beautifull photos I like them all especially Moss and her lovely face and you walking at Kettlewell:)

  8. Great photos but my favourite just has to be Moss, I love the look on her face :)

  9. Lots of lovely countryside. I see you have your 1,000 mile badge on your rucksack. I hope that now we are in the longer days you are still managing to keep on track.
    As ever thanks for organising the Scavenger Hunt.

  10. Moss looks a great guard dog at the tunnel entrance.
    Lovely selection this month.

  11. What a lovely set of photos as always Kate - I particularly love your cobweb ... Sorry not to be joining in this week - I had the post almost done and then never got back to it - might still put it up anyway. Have a great July :)

  12. All great photos, although I'm not sure I would have ventured through that tunnel! Love the cow shot.


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