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Slouchy beanie ta da and how to😊


Slouchy BLO beanie - a super simple make - fancy trying it?

Ever used the BLO stitch ? (Back Loop Only) This stitch gives this hat that ribbed look with added stretch and warmth. 
Ok - if you've never tried it - here goes a (hopefully) simple explanation.

BLO stitch

Once you have set up your foundation chain, (with an additional chain to turn) work a row of single crochet along the foundation chain, chain one, turn.
Look at your row, see the V shape made in the chains? Insert your hook through the BACK of the chain, hook the yarn, pull through and work the same stitch to the end of your row, plus one for turning.  If you are still unsure of how to do it - have a look on line - just type in 'BLO crochet stitch' and there are lots of videos and photos for both left and right hand work😊

Ok, so for the hat.....

Shorter version - I cast on 50 plus 1 (finished length 24 - 26 cm)
Taller version - I cast on 55 plus 1 (finished length 28 - 30cm)

I was using up stash yarn so it does give slightly different finished lengths but with the nature of the hat - it doesn't matter!)

Notions: I used DK (double knit) for all versions
Size 4mm hook
Tapestry needle

BLO slouchy beanie hat

FDR : Cast the foundation row, chain 1 and turn
Row 1 :Single crochet to end, chain 1 and turn
Row 2 : *BLO to end, chain 1 and turn*, repeat** until you have crocheted sufficient width to go around head - it needs to be comfortably snug as this stitch relaxes. 

Do periodically count your stitches - I forgot and somehow lost five (??!!) and had to frog back several rows (sigh)...

Tie off and stitch the long edge together.
Using a tapestry needle, run a double thread of yarn round the top end of your hat and pull tight, weaving in all ends. I have been stitching on a badge partly for fun and partly to remind me which way round the back is 😁

To wear, I pull on until it is comfortably covering my ears and forehead then tuck the back of the hat into itself to make that lovely slouch. 

I have made three so far - mostly for work - especially as the weather starts to cool, I will use them probably most days. I did have two which I 'lived' in through January til March/April,  and they certainly got rather grubby. This time I would like to have a fresh beanie for each day.

And if you are not a beanie fan, the longer version has enough length for a generous fold up to keep that pesky chilly air out of your ears πŸ˜„

Hope you give it a try and if you do - let me know (and if you find a mistake - just shout!)


  1. This is brilliant! Very well presented and the instructions perfectly clear throughout. I have my grand-daughter looking over my shoulder here at your pattern and she tells me she needs one of these slouchy beanies for winter too! Thank you for sharing I just can't wait to get started.

    1. Thank Amanda - hope it is as easy as I have made it out to be (but must be easy if I can do it!!)Glad that it gets universal interest (I would love to see what you do for your Granddaughter's version 😊) I am making mine is 'grubby' proof (ish) colours but I think I might do a cheerful colour for walking and weekends.

  2. Thanks for this. I'll definitely be making one, just as soon as I've finished knitting Lily's jumper. X

    1. Ooh - I would love to see your finished version 😁. You could shorten the cast on for smaller folk (should they wish one to match their jumper xx)😊


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