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New beginnings - in more ways than one

f you are reading this, then welcome, if you are not - err umm, no that's not right.

Let me try again - if you are reading this - you found me! 

For reasons I will not go into, I have chosen to change access to my blog .

Which explains why at 4.40am on a Saturday morning I am tapping away at the keyboard rather than sleeping. 

Fingers crossed! 

Some how she slept through it all....


  1. Yes have definitely found you

  2. Found you; what a super first picture on your first posting of your new blog. You are in my Favourites bar too!

  3. Found you too. I've also changed my favourites bar. xx

  4. Found you, so happy, *sigh*.

    It is very very hard not to be curious, you know, the what, when, why, how, who etc etc. So I will sit on my hands and not(underline) ask!!!!

    Keep on, as they say, truckin'.

    Lotsa luv
    Susan x

  5. I agree with Susan, it's hard not to be curious........ but maybe it will have to be one of the mysteries of life! And why should we tell everyone everything on our blogs if we don't want to. Glad I found you, now I'll catch up on your other posts, I've had a quick glance and made myself a coffee.......


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