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Sshh but it's nearly ******** time

I find that, at this time of the year, when I am crafting like a whirling dervish - that I am unable to show and share what I've been making!

I take pictures of their stages of growth and the hiccups of my various goodies only to have to file them under 'November -crafting' for a later date.

Hmm. So, to satisfy my need to intrigue, tease and take photos - here are a couple snippets, think will keep the others a little more under wraps.

Oh ho - only two and a half weeks before I start my new job - oooh errr saying that has just awoken the butterflies :)

Excuse me better go, some one small and hairy keeps patting my leg and asking for a game.


  1. Your projects look so beautiful!!

    Oh, oh , oh, is that a new little whiskered family member that keeps asking for a game? How wonderful:)


  2. Have you been spying on me 'again'??? I only ask as a lot of my recent crafty things include beads etc......

    I hope Pan got her way and you had a game with her - superb photo by the way.

    Keep counting down!

  3. Peep-bo Pan! Can see you! xx


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