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8 - 8 nearly too late!

8 - 8 - it's a date!

A lovely reminder of some sublime days out. Walking on Lindesfarne links on a summery holiday, peering through an evening window display in an autumnal Settle and a brisk wintery walk around Gargrave.


On Saturday I completely over ate and made a pig of myself and as I type this I am feeling fat and full and rather sorry for myself - but all this was for a good reason! A work friend and myself were on duty this weekend, the morning flew by and as we finished two more dear colleagues met up and we all went of to celebrate a birthday lunch - at The Courtyard. The birthday shawl seemed to go down well so it was worth the late night and lunch break knitting! We spent a very happy afternoon nattering and drinking lattes and all too soon we had to leave.

A mad dash home to change so we could go out to a family festive dinner.  Much eating and laughing later we came home all feeling rather rotund! Ergh don't think I can look at food again for aaaaages (well may be I will have recovered by breakfast!)



  1. I know that feeling! We celebrated my mum's 70th this week with far too much food. I vowed not to eat for a week but the cooked breakfast at the hotel looked too good to miss! :) x

  2. Was The Courtyard any good? Driven past it a lot of late ..... I am sure by now you will be feeling a little hungry!

  3. What a food fest! Glad the shawl was well received.


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