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A sweet Heart-♥-thon for the 6th

Thank you dear blogisphere friends for your comments regarding my most recent post regarding our blankets for Japan, in fact thank you for your emails and chats and comments - I am always touched by your kind words and generous thoughts - thank you, I feel humbled and blessed by your involvement x

Today's is a sweetheart - in more ways than one :)

We often receive from pet owners (particularly during December) biscuits, chocolates and wine as a thank you for the care of their pets through the year. 

With a large contingency of hollow-legged vets and sweettoothed staff , a large box of chocolates can be flattened within moments, leaving just the odd unwanted strawberry cream or coffee truffle.  So our manager 'stashes' our gifts until just before chrimbly when a raffle is organised and we all get an equal share of goodies. Often we go home clutching a large tin of sweets or chocolates, box of biscuits, bottles of wine and gift vouchers - such is the generosity :)

When these chocolates were gifted specifically to a particular receptionist by a grateful owner, she decided to open them and share them with the rest of the team - as you could see - no one was allowed anywhere near until I'd taken my pictures!

Job done - 6th February has been allocated a heart for the day!


  1. I am sitting here salivating!!! They look so good. How kind of the receptionist to share them with you.

  2. mmmmm. Not fair to show such yummy chocolates. I too am salivating!! x

  3. We've eaten a box of Christmas chocolates here this week - your heart chocolates photos are very pretty. How lovely that people show their appreciation with a gift :)
    Cathy x


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