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Love Hearts at Yarndale - Heart-♥-thon 2♥15

February 2nd 215 - day two of my Heart--thon. Before I waffle on today, I have to say two great big thank you-s first.
gz from OOK?! rant while waiting who makes and sells beautiful cards and hand thrown pottery - she has 'supplied' a heart for me :) why don't you follow the link and have a look at her blog. 
Thank you G.

Jennie from skybluepinkdesigns who is taking the St Abbs Art Exhibition on a bit of a tour ending up in the Watchtower Gallery in Berwick upon Tweed  as part of the Berwick 900 Celebrations and has asked if my Guillemot can go too. How exciting! (I said yes of course:)) 
Thank you Jennie.

Now, back to today's hearty story. During last year's Yarndale, I (plus three teenagers) wandered around all the wonderful stalls just delighting in the visual feast for the eye. We spied this little stall with such lovely trinkets that Youngest and I loitered quite a while and purchased some gorgeous goodies as chrimbly pressies. Then I spotted the oversized love hearts ...woo hoo! 

Now, how's that for a 'sweet-treat' :)



  1. oooh congrats on being exhibited on tour, I'll have to go and see it x

  2. Very pretty. I hope I can get to Yarndale this year. x

  3. Lovely blog !
    Thanks for your visit !

  4. Touring guillemot! Well done. Spending a bit of time walking these days so am playing catch up with comments on blogs! I too have happy memories of last year's Yarndale.

  5. How exciting for you and your guillemot! And there were some very pretty things on that stall :)
    Cathy x

  6. Lucky Ol Guillemot, off on tour! Like today's hearts. Well spotted. xx


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