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In which I just wing it❤

Some hearts are collected months in advance, others just 'fall in to my lap'. Tonight's knit and natter was proof of just that :)

One special lady shared with us her latest completed projects -  She has recently taken up needle punch and creates beautiful little works of art....

These little hearts are actually.....
these little hen's wings!

Are they not just the sweetest little pictures?
 Yes- we thought so too!
I can't wait to see what she makes next :)
And talking of 'sweet' - these two furbags can be rather cantankerous with each other but when it is cold and the fire is on - they are suddenly best friends and cuddle up.

Ah well, I shall enjoy it while I can, they will soon wake up and chase each other around like mad things:)

Happy FRIDAto you all


  1. The hens are impressive !!! great art !!! And your cats are just lovely !!! Give them many cuddles form me ! I wish you a very lovely week end !


  2. Very sweet pictures and gorgeous cats. Have a great weekend. X

  3. lovely hearts so far this month and the photo of the cats curled in front of the fire is delightful. Mine might share the ug but they don;t get that close

  4. Two wonderful pictures, I've not heard of needle punch before.
    I love your two little adorable furbabies.


  5. Glad you are able to wing it! Good to see peace and harmony with the cats!

  6. Love the needle punch chooks. It was happenchance that they came last night for a show and tell. Amazing where you can find hearts when you look for them. TTML, they are so beautiful. Pan and Pepper look so relaxed. Amazing what a cosy fire will do.


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