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The perfect skies for Beltane*

Traditionally the Beltane  Festival of Fire is for protection and the promise of a good summer.
The sky tonight has stepped up to the mark and bathed the countryside with such a rich fire-red coat - what a wonderful omen :)

*Beltane is a Celtic celebration to honour the Sun, encouraging the strengthening sunlight to help the emerging new growth and to protect the community - in the old days folk would jump over fire through the smoke to symbolically cleanse themselves while couples who jumped together would then be married. There are a number of traditions associated with Beltane, many almost dying out until interest was re-kindled in the old ways of celebrating life.

Eldest has just  cheerfully chucked another log in to our wood burner, causing it to 'puff' out a large waft of smoke...cough cough.... well, at least he is keeping this particular tradition alive cough...cough....cough....!!


  1. We had a stunning sunset last night - tonight it's grey and dismal and jolly cold! Have a great bank holiday weekend. x

  2. oh my, those are beautiful skies x

  3. Beautiful and stunning photos.


  4. Lovely photos and thanks for the information regarding "Beltane". Take care.

  5. We have had a few good sunsets of late; fingers crossed that it means a good summer.....

  6. Ah Beltane - a lovely way to celebrate it! I love the fact that we're in May, but we could do with some sunshine and warmth today :)
    Cathy x


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