Just about bordering on odd, I see things through different eyes.The heading says it all - I live, I love, I craft, I am me...


I am....

I am invisible
 I am ancient rock
 I am wild grass blowing in the wind
 I am shadow
 I am spirit  
 I am not here
I am gone


  1. He's gorgeous. Don't you just love nature? I think we could go on long walks and look for all sorts and take great photos. Take care and I'll be in touch soon.

  2. Wonderful photos!! I love hares and am very jealous that you managed to photograph one. Thank you for sharing, though - he/she is beautiful :)
    Cathy x

  3. He is lovely. I think hares are very special. x x

  4. I adore !!!! Excellent !!!! Bravo !!

  5. I too love hares. Funny how they hunker down and then suddenly it is off. Occasionally we have walked within a couple of metres of one, not aware it was there until it ran off. I will say it again, great photos!


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