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Return to the norm

Work. But let us not talk about that,
no, lets talk about this instead.

I escaped,
with my boys for a few
And we.....
.......Breathed in bracing mountain air.
Watched the twinkle of sunshine on water.

Walked further and higher than I thought I ever could since my knee injury.
Caught glimpses of magical wild animals so close so close.
Skimmed stones.
Held sticks.
Tasted the air.
Shut my eyes.
Felt the sky. 

Am so very grateful that I was
with my boys.

I am back, hello,
I missed you.

I am holding slices of the most delicious sunlight deep in my heart,
I want to share them with you xxxx


  1. hello, I really enjoyed your walk, thank you x x x

  2. Thank you for sharing those lovely photographs and fleeting moments of your holiday in the beautiful Lake District. Hope you have come back rested and well done to the knee for coping with all that walking!!

  3. It's lovely to have you back and feeling refreshed. What wonderful scenery - i could almost smell the fresh air. The weather has been glorious this week, a real treat for the Easter break.
    Cathy x

  4. It looks lovely, a much needed break I'm sure. x

  5. Fabulous photos and what a great time you seem to have had. Clever you to catch the hare in your photo. Glad you are back too!

  6. It's wonderful that you are back refreshed, thank you for sharing your walk, I absolutely
    adore your breathaking photos they are beautiful.


  7. What a beautiful landscape , so uplifting for the sole....xx

  8. looks fab, wish I could have been with you. Glad you're refreshed x


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