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Experiments in time (lapse...)

76 photos
5 paces apart,
strung together,
giving a brief  moment of 
one of our micro adventures
enjoy xx

Mayburgh Henge
just outside of
Penrith town
April 2015

I hope that this time when I press 'publish' - that it works!


  1. Just catching up and enjoyed the doors very much. Loved the little video too. Hope you're having a great weekend take care.

  2. Very clever - love it. And it looks such a beautiful day. The sun is shining here this morning - a day in the garden for me I think. Hope you are having a good weekend. x

  3. what a fun idea. love stone henges, haven't been to that one for years x

  4. Very clever, loved it thank you for sharing.

  5. Well that was great. I think I make experiment with something like that
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. Very clever. Must have been fun doing it. xx

  7. Oooh, adventurous you! I'd have to re-learn how to do this! Such a good idea.

  8. This is very clever - i really enjoyed your little animation. What a good idea! Hope you had fun making it :)
    Cathy x


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