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The diary of a holidaying Cat

Dear Diary.

Day 1.
I sit.
The world outside calls me, my humans just smile benignly and stroke my head.
My pleas for freedom are misunderstood as cries for food - I eat (just to please them......)
It would be a shame not to of course, all those biscuits there....just for me.....
I digress.
My inner Yorkshire wild cat (well, I was a stray briefly) wants to frolic over the hills - I am trapped. (Oh well, back to eating biscuits).
Day 2.
I could get used to eating my biscuits with such a wonderful view.
Today I caught glimpse of my walking harness - oh hateful harness of cruel torture - how could a wild soul such as I be contained by such crude devices.
(oh oh careful catfriend - I should not show such *ExcITE*MenT* when I know my walkies harness is being put on! Woop Woop Woop!!)
I hunt the great outdoors - I forge forward bravely and pounce on something small I mean HUGE! I am Yorkshire WILD CaT! Fear me all who cross my path. (I might just eat you if you are an unsuspecting insect).

Day 3.
Strange creatures offend my Yorkshire-wild-cat soul. 
I growl fiercely.
(But from a safe distance coz I don't really want them to hear....just in case they like eating small domestic fluffy defenceless kittens - like me....
I might give my walkies a miss until those white fluffy smelly baaa-making animals have gone away.

Day 4.
Bright and early, I survey the horizon with my catscan eyes - those woolly things are not there...but the field is full of feather-covered twittery treats - I have to inspect.
Get up human - I need biscuits - get my harness - I want walkies NOW! (well, breakfast first - a girlcat has to be ready for wild cat action)
Ooh-err - white woolly fluffy baaa creatures - think I want to go back to our trundling box on wheels for a while please..

Phew, safe again, think I will nap here for a while and catch some sun rays.

Day 5.
Hateful imprisonment once again - how my humans show no respect for a Yorkshire WILDcat - sheesh. Never mind, I'll yell for food as soon as I step into the kitchen - that'll teach them to take me away from the hills.

Dear diary - it wasn't such a bad holiday day, think I might like to do it again :)


  1. How lovely to share a holiday with your cat. I find it immensely stressful taking Smudge in the basket to the vets - a journey of less than 5 minutes. It takes both of us days to recover (and don't get me started on the daily tablets she now has to take. She may be very old, very tiny and have a thyroid problem, but she isn't short of attitude!) x

  2. Dear Diary
    here I am, home again. It is always nice to be home except I am back on starvation rations. My humans insist I am too rotund.......well actually they say I have to diet as I am (whisper)......obese!!!!!

  3. Did you really take your cats on holiday? I just love the way you put your words together and realise that I'm lousy with my blogging technique. Thanks for such a lovely post. Take care.

  4. Looks like a great holiday was had
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Oh such happy times .
    I can remember when we had our caravan and took Tilly the dog and Florence the cat away. Sadly we have a motor home now so poor Florence just sits indoors while we go off without her . Tilly has since passed away along with our Ruby. We now have 2 boisterous puppies so there is no room for her. I think she is grateful for this as she is getting older and needs some piece and quiet.......xx

  6. Great story; great photos! I think Jak must be mistaken to say she is obese... Looks very thin to me. More biscuits required!

  7. It looks like your cat had a very exciting holiday, and it's kind of her to share it with us :) I can't imagine Clover coming on holiday, she's such a home-loving creature!
    Cathy x

  8. I enjoyed the story, even if it was about a CAT (sorry, I don't get on with cats!)

  9. I'm glad you had a lovely holdiay wildcat, I hope you wrote some postcards x


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