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What secrets are hidden behind?
A large estate's walled garden - is it a thriving green space 
or as so many walled gardens have become...

A secret ginnel - winding around a building
opening to a private space away from the main street.
 The original door way to the town's school
 which opened to pupils in 1670 and finally closed in 1971.... 
now a delightful museum 
(a story for another post).
A petite secret door -
To where?
What's there?
A functional access route to the back street
a portal to a magical mysterious space.
An interesting demonic door knocker 
alongside an enigmatic wooden figurehead. 
How wonderful.

So many different ways to express personal barriers.
Some firm and forbidding.
Others inviting and intriguing.

Next time you are out and about - have a look. 
Notice the different, the new, the strange and the delightful. 
Be prepared to be entertained :)

Welcome to the weekend, 
Hope you have fun, hope the sun shines for you and
thank you for popping in and lingering a while - xxx


  1. door ways to walled gardens are my favourite. I always long to know what's behind them x

  2. A lovely intrigueing post, I shall look out to see if we have any unusual looking doors in the town where I live. You've made me think!

  3. So I am not the only one who likes interesting doors! Pity so many are never open to us! Then I suppose that adds to their mystery.

  4. The green Bivouac door intrigued me...must be a tall postman to reach the letterbox! The old school one too. Did you see a translation of the Latin anywhere? Using a bit of the old grey matter and help from Google translate I see it reads: From Funding (DN... Dominus Noster...Our Lord) then William Robinson Citizen of London. Makes you wonder who the kind benefactor was, a wealthy businessman in 1670 perhaps?

  5. doors to imagination .... that's great .... Have a secret but creative weekend ...

  6. What a lovely and interesting post. It makes me want to go in search of mysterious doors now!
    Julie xxxx


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