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By the skin of my knitting teeth

Remember the story of the hat? 
You know the one. 
The olive-y-greeny one with cream marled fairisle stags?
The one that sat like a pimple on Youngest's head?
The one that had accompanied me on many a walk and to work?
That one....
I frogged it in frustration after the pimple on the head episode and wiped it from my memory.

Then, Youngest - in his most forthright manner asked if he was ever going to get his hat.
I relented, fished out the disgraced pile of curly alpaca yarn and tried again.
He wanted it for his three day DofE walking challenge.
Right,  I had ten days to turn this around.

My heart and my knitting mojo just were not in it and I found that I was frogging more than knitting.
Dishearted, I put it aside.
I still had seven days before he needed it.
Then I had three.
Now it was Friday evening and he was setting off 2pm Sunday.
And his hat?
Well - still a pile of crinkly yarn.
I warned the family that I was about to knit like a dervish 
at every opportunity.
So, armed with tea, a home made rusk (thanks mom) and plenty of determination.
I got to it.
I gave the fairisle look the heave-ho
and went with something I know I can do - the Graham 
It was the pattern I did for Eldest's 'Iceland hat'
After all the faffing around I'd had with my previous attempts,
nothing like an imminent deadline
charges the knitting juices!
By Saturday afternoon - Youngest's hat was really taking shape

I woke up Sunday morning when Himself brought me a coffee in bed 
and I added a few more rows.  
It looked like I just might 
(if I kept at it) I just might do it!
By midday, Youngest was all packed and ready
just as I was weaving in the last thread.
He whisked it out of my hands and unblocked - shoved it on his head.

Ta - phew - da!
We all bundled into the car, he in his hat
and me ?
Well quietly pleased
and greatly relieved! 

Thank you all for  your comments on my last post - I will get round to answering them this week - Eileen T I've not forgotten your request for my trailing stars - I'll find the link for you and let you have it this week x

Right - the weekend is over and Monday just around the corner - Hope you all have a happy week! xxx


  1. Well done and it looks great. Hope the "walk" went well. Take care.

  2. Deadlines certainly focus the mind! I hope your son enjoys DofE - and it's not as wet as it is here! x

  3. It's amazing how determination rules when up against a deadline. A perfect hat!

  4. Love the hat, it is wonderful
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Hat looks brilliant, no longer like a pimple on Youngest's head. Nothing like a deadline to spur you on. Enjoy the rusks! xx

  6. The hat looks good! Can you please give me a deadline for the second sock lingering in my knitting basket (my sock-knitting mojo has departed) ..... I fear it will never be finished!!

  7. Well done! I've made things by the skin of my teeth for family and friends, and it certainly concentrates the mind. I'm glad that your son so values the things you make for him :)
    Cathy x

  8. I had no worries you would finish the hat! Youngest looks very handsome in his cap and I hope he has a wonderful time on his trip. I read the website...sounds like an interesting event. I hope all of you are doing well...here is GA it is hot beyond description! Best, Vicki

  9. Congrats! Super that you've managed it, a real turbo hat :-). Pretty and suits your son very well! Sunny weekend greetings, Nata xxx

  10. A very nice hat ! Perfect colour for a country hike .
    ( I'm now fascinated by the thought of knitting teeth .... )


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