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Keep on taking the tablets. ...

  1. Laptop still critically ill. 
  2. Still using the borrowed tablet. ..hence the blog title. 
  3. Been told that I should change my vocation. .. to tattoo artist. 

Hmmm not sure about that but if you were wondering what brought that up, see what you think.

This is just part one,  there more which I'll show you as I go along. 

As for tattoo artist - na, not for me,  I'll stick to scribbling with a black marker pen.

Well the weekend just evaporated in a blink of an eye. .. hey ho, Monday tomorrow,  bring it on!!!


  1. Stunning work! Poor laptop, hope it's better soon. Na, I'd not want to be a tattoo artist, but then I can't draw at all. How about a printmaker with your designs, clever one? Keep it coming, have a good week and take care.

  2. Funky! I'd be loathe to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. I'd be terrified of making an indelible mistake! x

  3. It wouldn't be so much fun if you had to do it as your job!

  4. that's really lovely Kate. I remeber when you doodled all over the font of your college book and inspire dme to have a go.

  5. Lovely intricate designs. Roll on better weather so you can get out walking again, can see you are feeling stir crazy!! ♥♥

  6. What wonderful intricate designs - perhaps you should have them made into colouring books?
    Hope the laptop recovers soon!

  7. Pity the tablet is not agreeing with you. Your doodling is looking fab; so envious as I cannot draw (I struggle to trace a pattern!).

  8. Hauntingly beautiful- did you have the skull already or did you find it?

  9. Poor old laptop - hope it's better soon! Your design is fantastic, and meticulously done. Brilliant!
    Cathy x

  10. If you do decide to change careers you can practise on me any time!

  11. What an amazing 'canvas' to be working on.... spectacular, well done.

  12. Hello lovely :-} So sorry to have been AWOL for the last month, but as you might have seen things have been a bit busy at Bag End:-}

    I have to admit that the skull does nothing for me but your mandala-style doodles are quite gorgeous! But then, we already knew what a cleverly artistic soul you are. Huggles to you all, hope all is well in your world (clearly apart from the laptop).

  13. Blue and Yellow Morning has left a new comment on your post "Keep on taking the tablets. ...":

    you could make a living drawing the adult colouring books


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