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In which I waffle about felt, feet, baking and friends

Remember these?
After they'd sat around a little while,  I thought it would be prudent to add some felt 'feet' to their bases so they wouldn't scratch the table surface.
Snip-snip-glue bosh! Job done.

Then, inspired both by my mini success and by my friend -Angela, who is crafting wonderful goodies for her daughter while she gets ready for uni, I did this ...
Eldest found a simple slip of sea-washed wood whilst we were on holiday and decreed it to be used as a mug mat and he'd take with him to uni.
He dried it off and used it daily until it mysteriously disappeared ... I may have been responsible  ...

I am the first to admit I am not very adept with hand sewing but managed to do a wobbly outline of the Outer  Hebrides,  dated it 2016 and glued a small star indicating the spot (Balranald Bay) where the driftwood was found.
When the drift wood mat 'reappeared' in time for the next tea break he was initially a little flummoxed at it's added base, however when I explained what I'd done, he seemed genuinely touched.

I do have a plan for something else he can take with him while he is in halls of residence.  Just need to get started!

In the meantime, I must get baking - I've got visitors tomorrow  - it promises to be a bloggy-filled afternoon as Susan from Granny Smith's Quilting, Jak from Jak's Tales , hopefully Lovely Lady from Threads through my Life and I are getting together and will no doubt  there will be an awful lot of nattering and nibbling :)


  1. Gorgeous mug mat, hope Uni preparations are going well and that you all have a fabulous time this afternoon :)

  2. A lovely idea and well executed unlike my map!

  3. Slate artwork is lovely. I can say if you get the offer to natter and nibble at Hawthorn's house, do accept! I did and had a very relaxing afternoon; now I just need to walk miles (kilometres!) to work off all those extra calories; I can recommend the scones and lemon shortbread biscuits.... thanks Hawthorn.

  4. I second Threads through my life's comments on the scones and shortbread biscuits. It was a lovely afternoon, meeting bloggy friends from the other side of the world. Your crafty work is looking really good. Love the mug stand. xx

  5. Certainly was a GREAT afternoon and I still can't believe it actually happened. Loved the shortbread bikkies. A "HUGE" thank you to all for making the day memorable & hopefully meet again at Yarndale. Great craft & loved seeing the feathers and your beautiful paintings. Take care. x


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